Introducing - Syndication of Marketplace Domains


Since this is a unique way of handling syndication, there are several unknowns. To be transparent, it is possible that handling thousands of transfers manually and keeping track of all transfers may be too much to handle, and we may decide to stop offering this ability unless we can automate a significant portion of this feature.

The Beta phase is a test, and we are flexible in setting up a cost structure that doesn’t require upfront renewal fee payments until they are due. Therefore, here is an alternate option we can explore:

Sellers would pay an upfront/ one time fee of $3 to participation in syndication. This is the minimum amount that makes this model feasible given the significant amount of manual effort in handling a large volume of transfers (first from seller to SH, then from SH back to seller upon seller’s request).

Sellers would then pay a yearly renewal fee of $8.99 during the month those fees are due.

This option has several more complexities and implications:

We would need to keep track of dates of renewals for each domain, and also track whether or not renewal was paid by the seller before the renewal due date. For example, what if the seller wanted to drop the domain but did not inform us in time, and we ended up renewing it? What if the seller is not reachable at the time of renewal - do we still renew the domain, or do we assume that the name should be dropped?

While it is possible to build a solution and policy for all these situations, handling such unique issues when thousands of domains are involved can lead to many operational challenges.

If this is the preferred option for most creatives, we can take some more time and work on building out this option further.


This is much better proposal, however you have to think about how the domain will be transfered to SH, push (free) or transfer ($8.5 min) Many domains are registered at unpopular registrars and only domain transfer will be available.

All this complexity is because of the requirement of transfering the domains to SH, and as you said it involves a lot of manual work.

I proposed several suggestions in my previous post, one of them is Afternic integration withought fasrt transfer, where the seller will be responsible on domains transfer after a sale at Afternic.

Another option one more time is to outsource this manual job by letting sellers add domains to Afternic themselves, then you have 2 options:
1- try to make an agreement with afternic to take SH commission cut and pay it to SH for any SH domain sold at Afternic
2- Make sellers sign a binding syndication contract that they should pay the commission manually to SH, failing to do so will result on permanent ban…etc

I know I may have added more complex ideas that may work or may not work, but no harm in brainstorming together to find best solution .



@Deepblue All domains transfers will only be handled via push and the domains must be currently registered at one of the registrars that we support (we will share the list in the near future). Any other domains will not be eligible for syndication in this phase.

The other options that you shared require a deeper integration with Afternic which is currently not feasible. As more integration options become available, our goal would be to further simplify the solution. Regarding having sellers sign a binding agreement - unfortunately this option is not practical to implement and enforce.

We should also note that while we are currently only referring to Afternic, we plan to add additional syndication partners in the future. Once the syndication is enabled on a domain, SH will handle the integration with all such partners, without any additional efforts from sellers.


Grant, we would do this one domain at a time, right? In other words, we wouldn’t be doing our whole owned portfolio at one time? If so, then I would suggest that SH have a shopping cart so we can add several to pay at one time (if we don’t have money in our accounts) because, like the seller marketplace this will get very tedious. Or, maybe you could provide us with a way to ADD funds to our account and they get subtracted one by one?

As a side note, keep in mind that this is also a lot of work for us to transfer domains to you… so the work isn’t one-sided. Just sayin’ It is advantage to both but also work to both - BUT - just one time because Afternic does fast transfer if they sell. However, typically if we don’t have thousands of names, we are only doing domain transfers when names sell.

Also, I wanted to comment on the side-conversation @Edukar and @AbleBrands were having about what happens if we get sick or die? I brought this up once before… it would be very nice if we had a legacy designee(s) we could add to our accounts. All it needs to be is name and contact that we add to our profile so you know for certain that this/or they are our designees if something happens to us. Technically, anything we “own” is part of a will and I think that would include domains that have value. But if our loved ones are struggling because we are so sick or gone with just the basic life things, they could lose so much money if they couldn’t just come to SH and have everything turned into theirs. I know this is a complicated, side thing, but it is really valid.



This will be offered like a shopping cart, which will allow you to select multiple names and pay once.

Regarding when someone gets sick or die, unfortunately we’ve already had this situation happen previously. We will of-course work with the immediate family members if they contact us and provide some additional details. Regarding adding an additional contact on the account, I will share this request with our product team.


Grant, it does NOT go without saying, you are such an incredible asset to SH. I am incredibly grateful for you. You don’t hear that enough. You take a lot of guff from us, and believe me when I say, it matters. Thank you for being you.

PS @grant; you are NOT ALLOWED TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE. You must stay with the Squad. <3


Another side comment: To whomever this happened to, my heart goes out to my fellow creative and their family.


ah ok ok so upfront fees for this syndication is $3, then agreed, later one will pay the renewal fees of $8.99. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu so very much @grant


There is a much simpler way to do this.

Give us the option to be non-exclusive and fine us a fee of $100 for every premium name we remove from the platform. Our names must still be pointed at SH to be listed in the premium marketplace.

Then we can list the domains ourselves with Afternic (and whoever else). It’s no work for SH at all. We understand that it cost money to list our names in the first place, you provided us with a landing page which could have attracted the attention of the buyer but they preferred to buy with their usual registrar because they know it or it’s in their language. SH may also benefit as people might find the domain listed elsewhere, check out the landing page then end up buying it on SH.

We can’t hide selling our names from you. As soon as the domain is transferred to the new buyer the DNS updates and your “we have detected an issue with your nameservers” kicks in. On the third attempt the name could be removed and the fine automatically applied to our account. You could also apply a Fine Me Now button for those of us that will tell you straight away.

This also eliminates the issue of domainers who are not SHers (do not enter contests), they are very unlikely to transfer their domains to you.

Thanks for considering.


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No I don’t mean an upfront cost.

fine us a fee of $100 for every premium name we remove from the platform You only pay for the ones you remove. You are only going to remove it from SH if you’ve sold it elsewhere.


oooooooooooooo ic ic ic, thats good idea then … hhh.


The fine is a bit extreme solution, what if I want to remove the name withuot selling it? what if I just want to drop the domain?

Also SH this way will not benefit a lot from the Syndication, the syndication is supposed to be benefitial for all parties (SH, Afternic, Seller) all of them should take a cut from the sale and be happy in win-win situation.

The fine of $100 can be manouvered, because I can give delete notice and delete the name after 7 days without paying a fine.



Thanks a lot for listening to community feedback… although the solution is not optimal but I think you are good to go with it.

However I still feel paying $12 per domain is not needed, I understand that there is a lot of manual work that will be involved, but that will be rewarded by extra sales you will make from syndication.

That being said I urge to charge 0 upfront and $10 when the domain is due to renewal, that is the fair deal for sellers that already pay very high commission. And this way you will have peace of mind for not adding a shopping cart with all complexity involved in that :grinning:


The “delete domain” should be removed for those that want this option. SH terms already state that if you remove too many names (sell them or drop them) your account privileges may be compromised. If you take this option it means you can’t drop anything obviously but you can sell them (or give them) to another member via wholesale selling to avoid the $100 removal charge - another win for SH because names they’ve created a page and logo for won’t be removed.


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Your words make sense. Each creative must transfer their domains on their own to save the Squadhelp from the hassle. Do not look for a problem where it does not exist. Some our basic plus listings domains have SH’s DNS and are listed on Afterernic already. Team must enable such listings for SH premium domains too. A potential customer will still get to the SH page, where the domain is positioned. The most important and painful question remains - how will the SH team and other platforms share revenue? I hope they find a way to agree


Thank you all for your feedback. Unfortunately allowing sellers to list names directly on external platforms is not something we can support. While we have some broad level checks in place to ensure seller compliance with our policies, it would not be practical to keep track of any external sales or domain drops that might happen on an ongoing basis. We believe most sellers want the flexibility to drop their domains or remove them from the marketplace if they are not able to sell them in a reasonable period of time. Therefore, locking the sellers by not allowing them to remove their domains from SH is not practical.

Most importantly this will likely introduce pricing conflicts. For example, when a seller lists it for a lower price on third party site such as GoDaddy (intentionally or unintentionally), it will likely divert SH buyers to the platform which offers that domain for the lowest price. While we can do random spot checks to ensure pricing compliance, it is not feasible to do this at scale.

While we are open to allowing syndication of domains, any such option must be directly managed by SH. This will ensure that all listings across all platforms are in sync with pricing and availability. If most sellers do not find the currently proposed options practical, we will likely hold off on enabling this feature at this point and may revisit it in future.


Please don’t hold off! A great next step would be to show us, on our dashboards, which names would be eligible for the Beta term. That will really help the decision-making!

I hope that the current SH owned domains being listed on Afternic will continue as planned, too, while we continue to talk about our owned domains. As you said before, it is up to the sellers to decide if they want to do it the way that you outlined.

I know there are sellers on SH who already list on Afternic as well. I ran across a couple of them in the last 2 weeks while I was researching some names I was thinking about buying. Maybe it was an accident, and they forgot to remove the name from Afternic when they listed on SH, though.

There are two main issues I see that people are hesitant about: 1) the fees and 2) turning over ownership to SH. #2 can’t be fixed, from the sound of it. Is there any further wiggle room on the fees?

Anyway, please do not scrap the idea! Many of us are just waiting for the details to be worked out!


If you own 500-1000 domains, how can you transfer all of them to SQ and pay all the fees. It’s too complicated. I’ll not participate in the syndication until you make it automated and simplify the process.
For example: There is no need to transfer the domains to BB, but they list the domains on Sedo. I’ll be happy if you do so.
You have to offer 2 options:
1/ We transfer the domain ownership to SQ and then you list it to all marketplaces/partners.
2/ There is no need to transfer the domain ownership, but still can participate to a limited list of marketplaces/partners and the process is easy and automated and free.