Introducing - Syndication of Marketplace Domains


Important Edit: The details of this offering may change in the near future based on the feedback from our community. Follow this thread for any further updates. Below is the original announcement for better context"

We are pleased to announce a new Beta service that will allow the ability to list Squadhelp premium domains on external platforms such as Afternic (GoDaddy).

As per our policies, all listings are exclusive to SH. The ability to syndicate on external marketplaces will offer an even greater exposure to your domains. Your domains will not only benefit from the extensive Marketing and exposure at SH, they will also get additional exposure in uncurated marketplaces such as GoDaddy/ Afternic.

How will this work?

  • Squadhelp Registered Domains: All SH registered domains will automatically qualify for the syndication. No action is needed by creatives to enable syndication.

  • Seller Owned Domains: As per Afternic’s Terms of Service, only the domain owner is allowed to list the domains in that platform. Therefore, if you would like to include your domains in the syndication, you would need to transfer the ownership of your domain to Squadhelp after paying a fee(see below). Squadhelp will pay for the renewal fees for your domains, and you will have the ability to transfer the ownership back to your account at any time without paying any additional fees.

Most domains will be eligible for fast transfer as well as visible in Afternic Premium Network. Therefore if someone searches for that domain on GoDaddy or any other registrars within domain reseller network, they will be able to purchase the domain instantly from that platform.

Will there be a change in commission?

There is no change in commission for sellers. Squadhelp will pay for the commission to the partners from our share of the commission.

Is there a fee to participate in this program?

There is no fee to participate in case of SH registered domains.

In case of Seller Owned Domains, you will be required to pay a yearly syndication fee of $11.99 per domain. These fees include the yearly renewal for the domain (which will be paid by SH while the domain is in SH ownership). There is quite a bit of effort involved in transferring the domains to SH ownership, and transferring them back to seller’s ownership (especially when there are thousands of transfers involved). Therefore while a significant portion of $11.99 will go towards the domain renewal, the remaining will go towards the additional management effort/overhead in handling domain transfers and keeping the Afternic inventory in sync with pricing and availability. These fees will also cover any additional syndication partners we may add in future.

When will this feature be live?

We have already begun the first phase of syndication, and you may start seeing SH owned listings in Afternic over the next few days. Here is an example

For Seller owned domains, you will see an option to “Enable Syndication” in your Marketplace dashboard in the next few days. You will also be able to enable this option for only some domains in your portfolio (if you do not wish to enable this for all domains).


  1. This is a Beta program, and we will likely make changes to this feature as well as pricing in future based upon our learnings from the initial phase.

  2. For Seller owned domains, we will accept the domains in phases. During the first phase, we will accept few thousand domains and then this feature will likely be disabled for some time. This will allow us to manage the volume of domain transfers as well as work out any operational issues to make things more efficient.

  3. This feature will only be offered for .com domains at this time (other tlds are currently not included). In addition, domains registered at certain registrars may not qualify for this feature (e.g. if SH doesn’t offer an escrow account with that registrar).

  4. We also plan to announce additional syndication partners in future so that we can continue to increase the level of exposure for all domains.


Is this an automated process @grant? If we update a marketplace price on SH, does it feed through to Afternic within a day or two?



@AbleBrands This is a semi-automated process at this point. The pricing and availability will be updated every 2-3 days however our goal is to automate it as much as possible.


Really?! Transfer domain ownership to SH and pay high renewals on behalf of SH for the reward of syndication?! And in the proccess commission will also change from 30% to 70% because the domain will be owned by SH?

Are you serious?


Where did Grant say like that? he said There is no change in commission for sellers. Squadhelp will pay for the commission to the partners from our share of the commission.


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SH want to take ownership of the domains they shouldnt charge us more for that they should in concept pay us for that!

I dont agree to pay $12 for renewals while I pay $8.5 (and sometimes below $8) for that, SH should absorb the extra cost in their commission, also they should take in consideration the more sales that will occur from this syndication which will cover any extra costs without the need to charge sellers!

BTW why all of this? BB have auto integration with Sedo without the need to transfer domains ownership to them.


Oh for seller owned domains, after we transfer ownership to SH, will we get the same creative owned domains commission like before ie 65%, 70% etc in case domain sold in afternic/ godaddy.


There will be no change to seller commission if the domains are transferred to SH. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say your domain is currently approved at 30% SH commission. If you enable syndication, the SH commission will remain at 30%. If the domain sells on an external platform such as Afternic, SH will pay the commissions to Afternic from our share of 30%.

This feature is completely optional and Sellers have complete control on whether or not to take advantage of this syndication. If we can find a way to avoid transfers (which require the most manual effort), that would be our preferred solution as well. However unfortunately selling domains without full ownership is not something that is supported on Afternic at this point.

We encourage everyone to share their feedback- if most users do not see value in this Beta offering, we may prioritize our team’s resources on other opportunities that continue to improve our Marketplace experience for everyone.


that mean if creative have 100 domains, then need to prepare upfront $1189 for this syndication :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Definitely theres is value, because more exposure to our names, just now thinking about the upfront cost. I thought it will be just manually to list on afternic by ourselves, so no need to pay upfront fees. wew


Grant, thanks to SH for making this available to us because we have been asking for syndication. I wanted to pipe in because I am pondering this. Please don’t take it away quickly no matter how much feedback you may get in the next few days. I personally really need time to look at all my domains and figure out if this will work for me. (Sometimes you nix an idea fast when you get pushback). This one takes some time to ponder in terms of cost. For me, right now, if I did it on ALL my owned domains (which wouldn’t be the case because you aren’t offering it on all of them), I would be in the hole for the commission on the sale of about half of one of my owned sales, depending on the name. So that is hard to swallow but if more sales happened as a result, it would be made up.

Anyway, just asking for more time to think about it all…

(PS: It definitely would be an easier decision if the fee came from SH’s commission as suggested).


We dreamed about it. But in this process the transfer of ownership of the domain to SH confuses me. Domainers must list their personal premium domains at Afternic on their own.


Is it possible auto syndication for sh owned domains, and then for creative owned domains we can list by ourselves, therefore we dont need to pay the upfront fees? but remember also guyz, afternic take 20% commission fee for domain sales.

No upfront fees, list by ourselves

  • commission 20% for afternic, commission for SH 30%, then commission which is left for us is 50% hmmm? what do u think?


We all want this syndication, I started a thread about it 2 months ago:

But this is not the way to do it, the upfront costs of domain transfers will make this syndication fail.

You should try:

  • negotiate with Afternic, find a proper format for an agreement, ownership requirement can be solved be simple opt-in by domain sellers
  • syndication with Afternic but without fast transfer can solve the problem from Afternic side, because the main problem is taking a domain out from someones account without their permission.
  • if Afternic do not accept, then you can seek direct integration with registrars (such as Godaddy, Dynadot, Epik…etc) the same way Afternic are doing it.
  • SH can build a network of partner registrars same way Afternic did, it is the long way to do it but the proper way
  • finally you may allow sellers to manually add their domains to Afternic, you can make agreement with Afternic to auto cut SH commission from the payment. You need to give API access to Afternic to check which domains are listed at SH.

My 2 cents


@Deepblue SH are trying to find a long term solution that keeps workload to a minimum. With fast transfer, there is no work involved at all for SH. Obviously, they want to take that route. Afternic will only allow fast transfer of SH domains if they are in a SH account at a designated registrar.

Also SH can’t afford to be liable to someone else (Afternic) for a sale where it’s possible that the domain owner may have dropped the domain in error, has sold the domain elsewhere without permission or has died (in these cases the domainer cannot transfer the domain to SH/Afternic)… therefore, SH needs control so these things can’t happen. And I’m sure SH has got some commission deal for 30,000 domains, they can’t afford to risk losing that deal either.

I don’t particularly like it either, but I get it. For syndication with Afternic, it has to be done that way.

* negotiate with Afternic, find a proper format for an agreement, ownership requirement can be solved be simple opt-in by domain sellers
* finally you may allow sellers to manually add their domains to Afternic, you can make agreement with Afternic to auto cut SH commission from the payment. You need to give API access to Afternic to check which domains are listed at SH.

If this could be done, it would solve the problem. I know other brandable marketplaces have looked into integration with Afternic and it couldn’t be done. Which is why they are with Sedo.

@grant I understand why things have to be done this way, but I don’t like the $11.99 yearly fee. Renewals are $8.49 (GoDaddy, Epik etc).

I would suggest a $10 yearly fee. This aligns with the SH owned domains yearly fee which appeals to my OCD and keeps everything nice and neat :smile: . You make $1.51 per year for doing nothing after the domain has been transferred to your account. If the domain sells via Afternic, they do everything, there is no work for SH, you still get a percentage of the commission. That should be enough to cover SHs labor costs of a one off transfer of domains.

Thank you for listening to our feedback.


Amused your words if the domain owner has died. If a large domainer, built his own domain empire for years, and then died, or, which is even worse, refused to work at the Squadhelp platform, in which case, the only owner remains the SH? :0)


You raise a good point! What would happen? @grant


The initial transfer fee can be avoided if the domain can be pushed to SH account at Godaddy, Dynadot, Name. com, Epik… and other popular registrars.
After that when the domain is near to expiry the seller should pay the $12 renewal fee.


@grant Something else to consider.

If you ask for the yearly payment up front, many people will only transfer the domains just before the renewal is due, this will cause you a lot of work in the long run. Lots of little transfers and there will be domainers that transfer the domain on or very close to renewal time. If you take the yearly payment when the domain is due for renewal (as you do with SH owned domains) people are more likely to transfer their whole portfolio in one go which in turn is a lot less work for SH.