Introducing - Searchable Basic Plus Listings

In order to improve the visibility of Basic plus listings, we have added a new feature which will automatically scan your Basic Plus listings and make several of them searchable in the Premium Domain Marketplace.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. If a Basic Listing is currently not searchable in the premium domain Marketplace, it will be automatically selected to go through the Expert Review process

  2. If that listing receives at-least 3 votes in the Expert Review process, it will automatically become Searchable in our Premium Domain Marketplace. The commission for the listing will remain unchanged, even though the listing is now searchable in the Premium section.

  3. These listings will not receive a logo design. Note: In the near future, you will be able to request a Logo design for your basic plus listings for a small fee (this is optional). Alternatively, you can request for your Basic plus listings to be upgraded to Premium status.

  4. Since we have lot of Basic Plus listings, we will only pick few hundred listings per day for the Expert Review process. You will receive a notification when any of your Basic Plus listing becomes searchable.


@grant Does this include listings that just went through the re-review? Or are those all settled already? Thanks!


The expert ratings are good, but the likes received from CH are even better! I think it was worth starting with them. Our domains are made specifically for CHs, and if they like, then others will like it too. I suggest introducing getting 3 likes in contests as a selection criterion.


If the listings already went through a re-review and they received a minimum of 3 votes, they will be automatically made searchable.

We already have a method in place to make listings searchable based on contest holder ratings. The listings must receive high ratings after submission to a certain number of contests, and our platform will automatically make them searchable. If the high rating is received after a large number of contest submissions (for example, if a name receives 1 high rating after submitting it 40-50 times), it will likely not be searchable automatically. In those situations, the expert review votes will offer one other mechanism to make them searchable.


This is logical. Thank You for giving our domains an extra chance of being seen.


Thank you, Grant! I did a bunch of my basic listings (not basic plus). If I upgrade them, will the same hold true? Sorry, should have asked that before!

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Questions please:

If the name gets a lot more than 3 votes, will it be automatically upgraded to premium?

If not, and the name gets promoted to ‘searchable’ and we resubmit it for premium, will those existing positive votes count?

You’ve said you’ll pick a few hundred a day, but there is a limit of reviewing only 100 a day. Will this be updated?

If the name is upgraded to searchable, do the reviewers still get the token compensation if the name sells?

I’d really like to move a set of non-brandable names here (to Basic), the only reason I haven’t is because there is no logo offered. Will the logo for a fee extend to Basic names too please?

Thanks very much @grant


@Grant, will basic plus names that had already been upgraded to visible in the marketplace be impacted by this? In other words, will we LOSE some visibility for those?

If your listings have already gone through the expert review process and they did not receive 3 votes, submitting them again will not restart the process. If they are older listings, or have not yet gone through the expert review process, you can upgrade them to Basic Plus (or Premium) listings and they will be automatically reviewed in the new process.

Not at this time. You can however request a premium upgrade, and there is a good chance that it will get approved. In future, we may automatically upgrade such listings to premium.

Correct. The existing positive votes will still count.

The limits have been increased to 300 per day

Absolutely. The reviewers receive the same compensation when their voted Basic Plus listing sells

Yes, this option will also be available for Basic listings.

If a name has been upgraded to searchable in Marketplace, it will stay searchable in Marketplace until it is removed by creative or it sells.


Thanks so much for the quick response @grant


Thanks I can see it now. It’s cash only and you can only pay for one at a time.

Can we pay by deducting from our balance please?
Or pay for more than one at a time?
Or have a pay with points option?

You can use your account balance to make the payment. There should be a check box on the page to apply your account balance.

Also, you can request Logos for multiple Domains at a time. Simply select as many logos as you like, click on “Edit Domains” and choose the Request Logo Design option.

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Fantastic, I don’t know how I missed that. Thanks very much @grant


Does this include names that are already searchable @grant? I’m asking because you said All Basic Plus listings, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest searchable names are being voted on.

It would give us some insight as to whether we should resubmit them to premium or add a logo.


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You said ALL names Grant. Does this include names that are already searchable @grant

If the name is already searchable, they are not included again in the Expert review process. The main goal for this feature is to find additional Basic Plus listings that should qualify for the Premium Marketplace but are currently not searchable. I will update the original post to make it more clear.

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@Grant, is there a way to know if our Basic listings that have already gone through the review process recently got 3 or more votes? Before I go upgrading my basics to basic plus, it would be nice to know which ones have a chance. Thank you!

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