Introducing - Scheduled Price Increases

We are pleased to announce a new feature that will allow sellers to schedule price increases for their domains. These price increases can be scheduled once every 6 months for each domain, and you can increase the price by up to 25%.

All scheduled price increases will be effective 30 days after the date they are scheduled.

One of the main benefits of scheduling a price increase in advance is that it allows potential buyers to see a message on the landing page that the domain is expected to go through a price increase. This will create additional sense of urgency with potential buyers.

Important Notes:

  • This feature is available for Standard as well as Premium listings. However in case of premium listings, this feature is currently only available to Silver members and above.
  • In order to schedule the price increase, you can select that option from the “Actions” dropdown next to the domain. For standard listings, you can also schedule price increases in Bulk by selecting multiple domains. We will soon be adding a Bulk update option for Premium listings as well.
  • All SH registered domains are already scheduled for a price increase, and we will no longer offer any SH registered domains below $1999 starting January 3, 2021.
  • If you have any seller owned domains below $1999, you will have the option to increase the price to $1999 soon.

Hi @Grant - thank you for the explanation. I had a look on some of my domains - I didn’t see the message on the landing page “Scheduled for price increase: This domain is scheduled for Price Increase on …”.
Will this appear soon or a couple of days before the price increase?
Thank you


I was hoping the message would appear overnight but it didn’t. Not even on my names that SH increased. I hope this gets fixed soon because I want buyers to see that.

Update: It is working now but I do wish it showed what the new price will be


maybe u should keep this information private to marketplace authorized seller . thank u

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I don’t think that this new feature is a good marketing strategy because:
Price increase could be a negative message (punishing the customer for not buying within a time frame)
Discount which is a positive message (rewarding the customer for buying within a time frame).

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