Introducing: Marketplace Only Contests

We are pleased to announce a BETA feature on our platform. For customers who are only interested in names from our marketplace, we now allow them to launch Marketplace only contests. The customers will pay a minimal fee ($25) to launch them. As creatives, you would only be able to submit relevant names from the SH marketplace. If the customer ends up purchasing one of your suggestions, you will receive an award based upon the below rules:

  • If the suggestion happens to be one of your own domains, you will receive the full commission as per the commission rules
  • If the suggestion happens to be for a domain that is listed by another creative, you will receive a $50 award. For a limited time, SH will cover the $50 award payment to the creative whose suggestion was purchased.
  • If no name is purchased by the customer, there will not be any award. However the customer will have an opportunity to upgrade their contest to a full naming contest.

This is a great opportunity for you to present your most relevant marketplace domains to prospect buyers. You can also suggest names listed by other creatives and be eligible for the $50 award.

This is a BETA program and will only be offered to customers on a limited basis. We will make changes to this offering based upon our learnings with the initial launch.

You can find and join these contests from your Active Contests link, by clicking on Beta Marketplace Only contests or you can click on this link:


Grant, do you not think this will cause problems within the creative community? If I enter someone else’s domain and it wins…I get $50, but does the creative who owns the domain get their marketplace price also?


Interesting concept! I think it could be helpful to have the contest holders state a price range they’re willing to pay. That’s also true for regular contests where CH’s are open to buying owned domains.


Cool, but just to be clear Grant - If I browse the available Marketplace names, and find one that I deem appropriate for a contest (not one of my names), and the client chooses it, I will get $50 for the pick, and the Owner of the domain will get the full “Marketplace” sales price?


Grant, wanted to let you know of a little glitch in the beta. After you submit one name and go to sub another, the last one you subbed is in the box. I imagine it is OK because you can look for another name and sub it anyway I think but it is a little confusing. Also, the first time I tried, the system said “user not logged in” so I had to log out and log back in.


This could work, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

I do love that SH is always pushing forward with new ideas and concepts, and is quick to try something and keep it if it works and get rid of it if it doesn’t!



@grant Any chance the description could be automatically pulled in when we choose a name?


@Grant, question: If I submit someone else’s name, is there a way that the person who owns the name can know it has been entered? I see there are no ratings on those contests, which is good because I wouldn’t want my entry of someone else’s name to cause a bad rating for THEM. But it would be nice if the contestant who owns the name knew that someone entered their name.


I can see the positives of this(coming out the gate😉)…it has potential to move alot of names out of the marketplace-if purchased benefits all parties😎


I see there is a 5 submission limit, will the CH mark entries as declined at some point so we can withdraw and submit other ideas, or is it strictly five entries and you’re out?


Shouldn’t it be the domain owner who should have the option to submit their names or not? I don’t know that I am comfortable with someone submitting/suggesting my name. I feel like I am capable of doing it myself should I want it entered. Thanks

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Holly, I get where you are coming from. Here’s another perspective, though… sometimes we do not see the “vision” in our own names. I really like that I can sub other people’s names based on what I see in them as potential. For example, I have a name in the marketplace that I created with a certain idea in mind. However, I now realize it had other potential uses and I kind of regret that I “tagged” it with that one perspective because it is limiting and the logo reflects my original vision. There are great names in the marketplace that another creative might see the value of, even if the owner doesn’t.


@LisaMac, @AlwriteyThen, if you suggest another creative’s name, and that name is purchased, you will receive a $50 award and the other creative will still receive the full commission as per the commission rules of the domain (based upon the final selling price)

@Commulinks, @Ablebrands, thanks for your feedback. We will continue to improve this offering once we have collected enough learnings from the Beta phase.

@ALDaisy1, correct, in order to minimize any irrelevant submissions, you can only enter a total of 5 names. We highly recommend submitting only your top few choices that are the most relevant to the brief.


@hollygirl The thing is, no one knows which names belong to each creative, unless you go to the trouble of searching for their creative page to check. I do understand what you mean, but since the names aren’t rated and you get full price if they sell, it seems fairly harmless to me. It’s just a “finder’s fee” concept. But maybe Squadhelp could build in an opt out feature for anyone who doesn’t want their names entered.


I think as long as the entries are capped this is a genius idea to boost sales!!!


As we submit names there is a drop down menu so the names are presuggested… which puts it on the bones of the infrastructure of the beta platform. Also when you think about SEO this helps increase exposure for SH and the MarketPlace. Since it is highly curated I am sure they have Alogs in place and will be getting feedback from the beta results and us as creatives. With the current implementation of the COOKIES this will help them better track the customers and thier patterns by using AI to further create adapitve changes to SH and The MarketPlace. IT totally makes sense.


@grant I think ratings would be helpful. They could either hold no value in regards to percentages or they could reflect on the submitter, not the creator.


@Grant, when I tried the beta, it is allowing me only to choose from a limited dropdown and not input, in addition, Not all the names …I think there’s some not on the drop down that are better. Is this a glitch that we can’t independently input?

@Grant, also, I tried to submit from the dropdown, I went back into the marketplace to get the description and couldn’t find the name in the marketplace, then decided I must have to enter my own, when I attempted to do that, the system told me the name was already entered but remained on the dropdown, if we are going to use the drop down (not liking it unless it gives us search ability), a name should then be removed. In scrolling through to try and find the right name for the client, I may see a name I am considering, but wish to keep looking for a better fit, this is time consuming and I think it would be cool if we leave scrolling, to be able to back and search by letter so we can refind a passed over submission.

Okay after trying this for myself, I have discovered a few things that may help everyone with issues of the dropdown, issues of descriptions, etc.

  1. First pull up the contest
  2. In a new tab open the marketplace
  3. In the contest go to submit
  4. click the dropdown
  5. a field of which you can type in will appear(see below)

  1. Now, if you want to enter one of your names, just start typing it, it will show up
  2. You can go to your other tab and search the marketplace for fitting names, click on them to pull up the domain page where you can then read the meaning, if fitting – type the name into the box (I have put ‘type name here’ just so you know where the box is) where shown above – and then you either highlight the description and copy and paste or paraphrase it for the contest back in your submission box.

A note to people as well, you’re only allowed to submit two of your own domains, but are allowed 5 entries. Right now there is a glitch where you can’t see the description you put for the entry and there is another glitch where you cannot withdraw any entries. I have BBed this, just so everyone knows.