Introducing: Instant Domains


I just had that thought today as I see my ideas are going nowhere in a hurry.I am not able to go out and work a regular job-thinking I could accumulate some extra $$ with my names.Appreciate your reply!


I have purchased probably a half dozen domains. If they are your creations…you can do whatever you want with them! :0)


@hollygirl Have you had any success selling any of your domains? I was thinking about doing this myself, but I’m also concerned about how much money I’ll have to throw at it. Buying the dot com is cheap enough, but do you park your domains and do you find the cost acceptable?


I actually have not tried to sell any of mine yet.I mainly bought some of my better names after being frustrated to find so many of my good names being registered by others.So I did it mainly to protect my names. I still enter them at times in SH contests…as if you are the owner or the domain,and you register it with SH that you are the owner,it will bypass the domain checker. I have not had any of my names used in SH so far…but I know you can submit your own names as long as you realize you cannot charge any more for them than what the contest amount is.So I usually only enter them in higher pay contests so I do not take a big loss on what I paid to register it.I learned that GoDaddy is one of the more expensive sites to register names…so look for deals on other registry sites. One of my names I caught a deal on (I think it was where they had a special where you could register your first name for 99 cents.


Just wanted to add a few clarifying points related to the last few posts.

Squadhelp has a feature that allows you to alert us of domains that you own. This is called My Owned Domains. After you submit your domains to My Owned Domains, when you enter them in a contest, the CH is alerted that the domain is available.

When submitting domains that you own to Squadhelp Contests, you are expected to transfer the domain to the CH after winner selection. In these situations, you can ask the CH for an additional $11.99 sent as a bonus to cover the cost of the registration.

Also, if you list an owned domain for sale on another platform, you must withdraw it from any contests if it is purchased through another platform. You are also required to remove it immediately from any other platforms if the name wins a Squadhelp Contest.

Also, Squadhelp has a relationship with Godaddy which will allow you to register your first domain for $0.99. If you are looking to pursue this option, you can visit Godaddy through this link to receive this special price.


When an entry for instant domains is accepted, are we supposed to get an email? I received a notification when one was declined, but then another entry was accepted and I had no idea until I happened across it on the for sale page.


@grant I’ve had a pending domain for over 2 weeks. I think I read you’ll hold back some industry specific entries until later but this is in no way an idustry specific name. What are some other reasons it’d be pending this long? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for clarifying some key points on this subject.I wanted to explore the possibilities as I have many good names imo that are just sitting.In the future when my finances allows it,I will be registering some of my names.With that in mind…how would it show up on your platform if I were to register it on say an auction site? For instance would it be removed from my entries or would it just say can not verify availability?


Hey Grant, wanted to point out that there are several names listed more than once in the marketplace.


When an Instant Domain is purchased, will we see the name on the recent winners list?


@Chasity2ku - Sometimes we see names that we want to take a second look at. These names can be held for a longer time until we take a second pass through the list.

@Marye5 - If you register a domain, just be sure to submit it to My Owned Domains within your Squadhelp account. Then it will show as available when you submit it to a contest.

@ALDaisy1 - Currently ID purchased domains do not display on the winners page.


Thank you @Grant for your answer. Maybe in the future Squadhelp could add ID purchased domains to the winners page, or create a separate list, just so we can all see what types of names are selling and submit accordingly. Just an idea! :slight_smile:


@Grant Gotcha.

Would SH consider reviewing entries that have been previously denied any time soon, or ever?

Also, if an entry appears to fit the criteria and is not accepted could we maybe get an explanation? I’m just having a hard time reasoning why some are chosen and some not. It could be as simple as the person/ppl reviewing it don’t like it, but I want to know why? Ya know…a little constructive criticism.


In addition to this, some names that were accepted are not showing up at all. I have three names that were approved; now one of them is showing up in the list twice and the other two are gone. Is this a glitch?


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