Introducing: Instant Domains


I just got 15. .unfortunately doesn’t meet our criteria. .scratching my head@ that. I don’t get it!


Ha! @Marye5 I just got 50+ unfortunately…

@Grant, for your information. I did get a couple approved. I know that because I can see them in the marketplace and I can see them in my “Instant Domain Status - Approved” section. Be aware that I haven’t received an approved email (unless that is yet to arrive) and they haven’t been added to “My Owned Domains”. I’ll give it a few hours in case it takes time to filter through the system, then I’ll add them myself to “My Owned Domains”. I just thought I should make you guys aware.

Loving Instant Domains! Please pass on the message that I’m very grateful for the opportunity SH has given us with this.


Yeah, about 2 hours after my post they denied everything but the one that’s been there for 2 weeks. I like to hope it’s because they’re going to approve it, but it prob just got lost in the shuffle and forgotten about as they won’t approve anything I send. Which is really starting to get to me :frowning:️ It’s not that I think my entries are sooo worthy, it’s that I look at what’s been accepted and can’t understand how they’ll approve some of them and not a darn one of mine, same with actual contests! It’s not that I don’t think they’ve accepted good domains, in fact, the very names I’m thinking of I actually like most of them but don’t understand how they meet the criteria while some of mine don’t. It makes me want to pull the favoritism card but I don’t really believe that’s the case. So then I thought they were maybe taking a break and reassessing because maybe they were approve happy at first, as I waited a bit before I started subbing, but I guess I just suck at this worse than I initially thought. I barely get likes or loves, I haven’t won in a year, SH doesn’t think anything I’ve subbed is worthy, I’ve always felt like a bit of an outcast with a lot of regulars in the forum (I do think it’s gotten better tho), and I’m just finding it all really hard to accept. Hello reality…you suck :weary:

I don’t know if it’s embarrassing or impressive that I keep truckin along…I’m the flipping energizer bunny lol


It’s impressive. You just needed to vent. Keep at it. I enjoy this site so much, and I am always so surprised when I get a love, or like(which is a rare occurrence as well)! : )


I was just gonna post something along those exact same words.The I don’t get it part in my prior comment is similar to what you said of name comparisons.@grant is there maybe something in the descriptor we add to the name that causes it to not get approved? Is it mandantory to fill in reason for the name? Thanks I am not onbard with this as of yet😣


Well, I only subbed one and it came back like a boomerang, lol. But honestly, I don’t mind. I sub my names to CHs and I don’t get my feelings hurt if they don’t stick, bc I just mark it up to different tastes. Doesn’t make my names bad. So I’m not going to worry if Squadhelp doesn’t buy my suggestions, bc really, even if they like them, they may never sell…in which case it makes no difference. But @Chasity2ku, you shouldn’t be so down on yourself. At least you are trying, and that’s more than most people ever do!


[quote=“Chasity2ku, post:85, topic:2223”]
I haven’t won in a year [/quote]

You were really on a roll at one time, Girlfriend - What happened? :worried:


@Grant and @Darpan, what is it that you look for in a name?


You need some cheering up! I know it’s hard not to win especially after a long time as you have mentioned but you have put out some really good names. You’re going to have to believe in yourself once again. Because you are a good namer and CHs will be missing out on your good ideas.

Don’t beat yourself up about instant domains, there is some kind of science that is beyond my comprehension in figuring out the names they will take. There are a lot of talented people who have had a lot of rejections. It doesn’t mean our names are no good. I submitted a name that I thought would be a grand slam, and it was rejected. I just don’t let it get to me.

Alwritey once said that if you get a lot of orange faces, start making orange juice! (referring to the lemons and lemonaide analogy). You need a support system, and we’re here for you!


Thanks everyone, your kind words do make me feel better about it all, and you’re absolutely right @lushell, I did need to vent! I’ve been discouraged and feeling this way long before the “discouraged thread” was created. That post has been a long time coming! I’ve come close to venting before but have never fully done it because I do understand the nature of this beast, and even though I get angry and frustrated with the majority of my results, I eventually shrug it off and keep on keepin on, obviously lol. But it’s been so long since I’ve felt validation to keep going (as in a win, a bonus, an approved domain, etc) that it’s getting hard to shrug off. It’s starting to feel more like a wake up call than simply the nature of the beast.

Anyway, to answer your question, @AlwriteyThen, when things were going good for me on here I had much more free time. I have 3 kids which obviously dominate the majority of my time, but then weeks before my last win I went back to school. Since then my SH time has been drastically decreased. I went from participating in about 200 contests a month to about 40. I know this plays a part in my SH failures the last year, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about all the constant rejection.

I also want to say I often see ppl giving advice to not get their feelings hurt or get so bothered by the rejection because some like our names and some don’t. Much like @ALDaisy1’s post. It’s good advice and appreciated but I’ve noticed the very ppl saying these things typically win some what consistently. My point is that typically the ppl saying these things truly do have some like their names and some not, but when you typically have constant rejection (for a year) it doesn’t seem as simple as you win some you lose some, some like your names and some don’t. Where are my wins to support this rationale? I currently don’t feel it applies to me. But I know it’s from a good place and I appreciate the encouraging support and advice from y’all!!

Okay y’all, I’ll shut up, I got a ton of stuff to do anyway :disappointed: Which unfortunately doesn’t involve submersing myself in a brief, but thank you @lushell, @Marye5, @AlwriteyThen, @ALDaisy1, and @LauraE…You guys rock!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve thought a lot about the description requirements. Sometimes I feel my descriptions enhance my idea, but other times I think my descriptions make it cheesy. I wish it was optional with instant domains like it is with contests. In fact, I wish even picking a category was optional.

Trying to follow the highly curated criteria of not submitting industry specific domains just yet, I tried to do just that, yet I was then forced to pick industries it could apply to. I feel that may somewhat pigeon hole a potential buyer’s perception of an entry to a specific way of thinking or branding. It may even never be seen because they searched industries I didn’t tag it under.

One more thing, if you were to make these things optional you could provide a link to the creative to allow a potential buyer to inquire about the origin or inspiration, etc of an entry. This could be an option even if there are descriptors present!

Lol I don’t know why I care so much, it’s not like it applies to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Grant Further to my post above, I have just now received the ‘approval emails’ and the domains were also added to ‘My Owned Domains’ (24 hours later).


Can anyone tell me where the approved id and shortlist notification is located? Will we just get an e-mail notification?Thanks!


@Marye5 The approved ID - you will get an email approving or declining what you submitted. Also, if you go to “MyAccount” – look to the left, there is a category that says “My Owned Domains”. That is where the approved ones will be listed. As for the shortlist notification, I don’t recall if I got an email or not, I just saw it when I looked at my activity feed.


Ok…thanks @jackieheraty.I will check my account page.


The absolute last thing we want is for ID to discourage anyone.

We recently published this article which combines a few different naming resources and suggestions that we’ve developed recently. This might help.

I’ll try to post a more in depth analysis of ID in the coming weeks.


@grant…I am definetly going to review this link.May I ask…if you guys are not approving our id’s…are we allowed to purchase our names and sell them elsewhere? I am asking bc I really don’t know how that works or if it’s allowed? Thanks!


Thank you for sharing the link.I still don’t get the based on your criteria as I compare my entries with some others that have been approved…that’s just me not understanding especially the love it’s not measuring up.Not intentional to be discouraged.Just my lack of understanding​:smirk::smirk:


I agree. But there are some that I’m not even comparing to any of my entries, I’m just genuinely confused as I don’t think they fit the criteria AT ALL. In fact, there are a few I’d like to have an open discussion about. I’d like to understand why they were approved, but I know that’s never gonna be allowed :confused:


Of course, you’re allowed to buy the domain name you thought of. It was your idea, you don’t have to ask permission from anyone. If the name is still active in a contest, however, I would withdraw it. But you can register it at any site that sells domain names.