Introducing: Instant Domains


@AbleBrands - Try logging out.


Here’s the link I have


Thanks @Grant I can see it now.


Hmmm…looking at these accepted domains makes me wonder why some of mine weren’t accepted. Oh well, whatever :confused:


I see that you are accepting .io and .co and .me entries? I thought they had to be .com entries. Good to know.


@jackieheraty - We are focusing on .com at this time. We have accepted a few other extensions for URLs that we believed where really, really strong. However, we recommend you hold off on submitting your .io, .co, .me., .ly, etc., domains at this point, as they will be more likely to be accepted at a later date.


@Grant, Hi. I’m still unable to see the link to ID, while logged in on Google Chrome (laptop). It’s there as soon as I LOGOUT and I’m able to see it listed when I logon from MSN or at least logged into SquadHelp on MSN and then switch over to google. My Google Chrome is up to date. I’ve shared this with other staff and they put the word into tech, just thought I’d mention it here to. Also, Love It Instant Notification still doesn’t work and Email Love it notification and other emails are usually a day late…just saying. and, thanks to SH for the new INSTANT DOMAIN site…and for all the latest improvements period!


Here is the link:


I know it’s only been a few weeks and this hasn’t been pushed yet but… any sold yet @Grant?

Instant Domains

@Grant, sorry! One more thing.

The domains listed on the marketplace don’t resolve to the marketplace (missing out on potential traffic).

If I take the first name for instance. (not mine btw), it’s sat on a parked page, when it should really be redirected to (the Buy It Now page).

That way you capitalize on any traffic that domain may have, particularly if they might want to buy the domain!


@AbleBrands - Please be patient with us in our Beta launch. And good suggestion. I believe it’s on our To Do list :smile:


haha, of course! Thank you @Grant you are always so concise with your answers, it is very much appreciated.


Thanks, I have it already. Just letting you know it doesn’t show on the page when I’m logged in, only when I’m logged out. Do you think this will be resolved as time goes by or ??? Thanks again.


Yes. We can make it visible when a Creative is logged in.


Lol. Thanks, @Grant. I know that you can,but it doesn’t show when I’m logged in. Only if I logout. Or when I log back in it shows as long as I stay on the page. If I leave the page and come back…it’s gone until I logout again. I’m sure it will take awhile to work the bugs out.


Sorry @Kral - What I meant was we “will” make this update :smile:


@Grant I’m curious if SH has put approving instant domains on the back burner as I’ve not received answers on some I submitted. One has been sitting there for two weeks. I’m not complaining or rushing y’all I just got to thinking maybe it was decided to stop purchasing and assess or something. Is this the case? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Does anyone else feel like it’s on pause or are y’all currently getting answers? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I just subbed some in the last couple of days so it hasn’t been that long. I subbed my others early in the month (around the 4th or so) and all of those have been responded to.


We are taking a bit longer than our originally expected 7 days to review names, as we try to understand the customer response related to ID. We also have a large volume of names coming in. Please be patient with us as we make this program successful :smile: