Introducing: Instant Domains


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So the motto from my favorite show, SharkTank… I’m out![/quote]
LOL - Thanks for making me laugh, Mary! :smile:


I had some answers immediately but the longest has been just a day.


@AlwriteyThen. .thanks for catching my typo. .lol. .I still :heart: this site!!!

PS:That show is my new pass time😉


Hi Everyone - We’ve started looking at your ID submissions. Thanks so much! Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be posting more about this entire process on Monday.

Also, if anyone had issues with accepted domains, please know that these are all fixed.

Lastly, We’ve reduced the number of points for an accepted domain to 500.


thank you so much for doing that!!!


@Grant…will the points used for ID’s show in our point activity tab? I’ve had a domain approved, it shows on my entries page. But, I don’t see the point reduction listed in my points tab. BTW I love the point reduction to 500.


Has anyone else had their names accepted but not had this “approved for marketplace” designation added to them?


@Therold Might be that they are ‘in process’ and you’ll get a notification and designation applied shortly?

I have had one instance of being accepted, being ‘approved for marketplace’ in my entries but the domain was not added to ‘my domains’ list. After talking to chat I added it manually. I think this was a one off quirk though, all other accepted domains were just fine.

This service is new, and they are bound to have a few teething problems. I’d give it 24 hours and if your records don’t match up, drop them an email or contact them on chat.


@Commulinks @tkpro72
Regarding the time frame for selection: Our goal is to respond to submissions within one week. However, currently we are focusing on .com name and broad appeal names. There are some industry specific and alternate extensions that we will keep in the queue for a second pass.

You can now search for ID submitted domains in you My Entries page. There is a new filter with which you can sort by ID Status.

Currently, points used on ID names will not show up in your Points Activity Feed. However, we will build this feature shortly.


What makes a great Instant Domain?


Instant Domains is a highly-curated list of domains submitted to the Squadhelp platform by creatives like you.

The names that are accepted will typically pass these criteria: pleasant to say and hear, easy to spell or pronounce, sticks in the mind and gets people talking, and is evocative (e.g. emotional, intriguing, experiential, or impressively original).

Breadth of Appeal
For now, focus on domains that would appeal to at least a few large industries. As this project grows, we will look for more industry specific domains, but currently we are looking for those with a fairly broad appeal.

Don’t Mix Types

Spelling and Phonics

  • Blends should not use words that are difficult to spell (So a word like Acquiesce is probably not great for blending).

  • Misspellings should not look like true mistakes. Lyft and Flickr work as misspellings. However, Conect and Acheive do not. Anything the resembles a common spelling mistake will not make a good name. Also names with multiple misspellings are typically not strong domains.

  • Names, especially abstract names, must not have ambiguous pronunciation. Most vowels have multiple expressions. In a name like Dravona, the on sound could be pronounced like it is in Don or won.


  • Currently, we will not be including domains with numerals (e.g. 1, 4, 8) in ID.


  • If you use a made-up word–an abstract name–it must sound really nice and be phonetic (

  • If you submit a mispelling, it must be slight and obvious (Lyft or Flickr, not Lyphtt or Flikrr).

  • If you use blends, the two words must be obvious. Here’s a blend that does not work: Creating a name for an aggressive first-person-shooter video game by combing Armageddon and Bloodbath– (because ArmBath does not actually elicit the ideas of Armageddon and Bath but the ideas of washing your arm). On the other hand, here is a great blend that is easily understood–

  • If your name uses Greek roots, stick with ones that are phonetical like Cata and Deca, instead of Chronos (pronounced Crow-know-ce) and Eidos (pronounced … I’m not sure :unamused:)

Here are some Squadhelp winning names that are good examples:,,,,,,,,,,

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Instant Domains (Selection Process)

@Grant In our entries page we can see ID’s that are pending approval and the ones that were approved. But we cannot see which ones was submitted and NOT approved. Can we add this. It would cut down on resubmitting names that were already denied. Just a thought


In my experience they remove the option to sell as an ID.


What I do to sort mine is click the :blue_heart: next to contest I’ve chosen to sell in the ID…it lets me know it was entered and :cry: none have been approved.


@Marye5 That would’ve been a good idea, but I used the heart to mark my winning names before SH added the little trophy icon.


Who ever created "’, I just love it!!! What a great name for a kitchen/cooking contest!


“As this project grows, we will look for more industry specific domains”

Grant, this means that in the future we will be able to resubmit for approval domains that were rejected? I mean domains that are more industry specific as you said above…because you said that for now more broadly names will be accepted, and that is why some of them were maybe rejected.

I ask this because I noticed that rejected domains don’t have the option to “sell in ID” anymore, and maybe this will be unlocked when you will expand that specific selection criteria.

Looking forward to your reply.


@Tina91 - This is a good idea.


@Grant I just wondered how and when you will start promoting Instant Domains?

I’m sure there must be many people a day that visit SH that don’t create a contest for fear of not finding the right name. Not only that, but domain investors will eventually hear about it and visit. Plus marketing companies, they all want a name NOW haha.

Will you be putting a link on the front page of SH?


@AbleBrands - As a beta launch, we are currently testing multiple approaches. At this time, we have a link to ID under the Examples tab on the website.


@Grant I only see ‘names’ ‘taglines’ and ‘logos’. None of which go to the ID area.