Introducing: Instant Domains

Can we go into the Instant Domain section to see our entries and what the buyer sees (once our entry has been chosen)?


I agree with LisaMac. I don’t this will appeal to those that may need those points to enter early into contests ( such as myself)…

@Grant I was able to send through 3 or 4 entries yesterday, but it hasn’t worked since those first few. The Submission Page will not come on. I tried logging out, clearing browser ect…still nothing. Thanks.

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FTA of SH (and those creatives unable to submit a name to IDs). There is an issue that kicks in part way down the page (I don’t know what the issue is, sorry). So any names at the top of the page you can submit, but further down the page you are unable to submit those.

The quick work around is… if you know the name of domain you want to submit, use the search function at the top of the page. Now that your name is at the top of the page, you can submit it.

It’s a workaround, and hopefully enough information to help SH resolve the issue.

Hi All - ID issues should be fixed. If you still encounter issues, please report specific examples using the blue button on any page of

@Commulinks - We are currently going to focus on names that have been submitted to a Squadhelp contest–not opening ID up to other names (however, opening ID up is something we will consider in the future). Our current thought process is that ID will allow you to share names that you absolutely love, but that did not end up winning.

@LynnParks - ID will be a highly curated list of names/domains. The names that are accepted will typically pass these criteria: pleasant to say and hear, easy to spell or pronounce, sticks in the mind and gets people talking, and is evocative (e.g. emotional, intriguing, experiential, or impressively original).

I think ease of access or easy of understanding is key.

  • If you use a made-up word–an abstract name–it must sound really nice and be phonetic (
  • If you submit a mispelling, it must be slight and obvious (Lyft or Flickr, not Lyphtt or Flikrr).
  • If you use blends, the two words must be obvious. Here’s a blend that does not work: Creating a name for an aggressive first-person-shooter video game by combing Armageddon and Bloodbath– On the other hand, here is a great blend that is easily understood–
  • If your name uses Greek roots, stick with ones that are phonetical like Cata and Deca, instead of Chronos (pronounced Crow-know-ce) and Eidos (pronounced … I’m not sure :frowning:)

Here are some Squadhelp winning names that are good examples:,,,,,,,,,,

@Chasity2ku - When a domain is accepted for Instant Domains, it will automatically be set to bypass domain availability check if you try to submit it to a naming contest. (Other creatives will not be able to submit it because the domain is not available).


Grant, this is extremely valuable info! Thank you!!!

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Will we be advised if our name is accepted/rejected?

Okay, I misunderstood this part. I thought you were saying it’d be less likely to win because we would have to submit it like we do with domains that are for sale. Thanks for the clarification.

In regards to what you actually meant, it might help our chances if SH notified all CHs that have an entry that became an ID after being submitted, that while it has been registered, it is owned by SH and will be transferred free of cost (outside of their original package) if they choose it as the winner.

If this is already being done…great!! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@AbleBrands - Yes :smile:


@Grant…so now we get notified that an entry was accepted. Will there be a separate tab for us to see our marketplace entries or will they have an icon next to them in our entry tabs like our winner have a trophy next to them?

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@LisaMac You can see them in ‘my owned’ domains. And in your ‘My Entries’ page, you can see a phrase under the domain ‘approved for marketplace’.

@Grant I noticed a name that has been ‘approved for marketplace’ that is not in ‘my owned’ domains about 8 hours ago… I’m assuming that this is in process and it will turn up in ‘my owned domains’ page and I’ll get a notification eventually?

Many thanks to all at SH. This is a fantastic idea and an additional way for us all to earn.

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Thank you. I found it in my entries page

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@Grant, we’re just full of questions, aren’t we? I have another one. I subbed a bunch of names yesterday. I received acceptance emails on a few of them. Will we receive rejection emails on those not chosen? I assume that some names take longer than others to decide, so I am wondering because I am metering out what I submit to limit my point spending. Thank you!!!

I have received rejection and acceptance emails. : )

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Oops, I missed the part about having 1,000 points deducted for every name that is “Approved” - OK, gotta be more selective now (pun intended) :laughing:

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No need to answer, Grant, I received some rejections by email now. I really appreciate the promptness so I can make more decisions! This is fun!

I don’t think this is working for me:(…all my names so far aren’t being accepted even though ch’s loved or liked them. So the motto from my favorite show SharkTank:)…I’m out!

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@Marye5 Mary, scroll back up this string to see what grant wrote about what they are looking for. Then re-evaluate. I ruled out a bunch of mine before submitting that way. Good luck!

I’m still debating on this. How long does it take from the time a name is submitted for consideration for Instant Domains until it is actually posted?

Thanks @communilinks I did reevaluate based on @grants post. I’ve concluded it’s not for me. I wish you and others good luck. .you all are very creative and will do well.