Introducing: Instant Domains

We are pleased to announce a new feature that provides additional monetization opportunity and name protection for our creative community.

Introducing: Instant Domains

Soon, we will be adding a new section on our website called “Instant Domains,” which will allow potential customers to purchase names directly by paying a fixed amount. This section is intended for those potential customers who may not be interested in the contest format.

How Does It Work?

Creatives can nominate any of their previously submitted entries by clicking a button from your “My Entries” page. If your name is approved, Squadhelp will deduct 1000 points from your account, and will pay for the domain registration. Your name will then be listed for sale in the Instant Domain section.

Squadhelp will advertise these names to those customers who may be looking for a name but are not interested in the contest format.

You will also be able to continue to submit these names in future contests, if you would like.


How does it benefit the creatives?

  • This allows you to protect your high-quality names from potential registration by anyone.
  • Squadhelp will not only pay for the domain registration costs, but will also invest in ongoing marketing/advertising to increase the visibility and likelihood of selling these names.
  • You have the option to continue to submit the name in Squadhelp naming contests.
  • If someone purchases the name from the Instant Domains, you will be credited with a $300 award to your account.
  • If you submit the name to a contest, and it is selected as a winner, you will receive the award amount associated with that contest.

How long will my name be listed for?

  • Squadhelp will pay for the first year of your domain registration costs. If the domain does not sell within a year,
  • Squadhelp reserves the right to not renew the domain registration. In that case, the domain registration will expire and the name will go back to the open pool of available domains. In that case, it will also be removed from Instant Domains at that time.

What price would customers pay if they buy the name?

  • All names will be listed for a fixed price of $599. This also includes validation services that will be offered by Squadhelp (e.g. Trademark and Linguistics Analysis by a licensed Trademark attorney, Domain transfer to the customer, etc).

Can I list this name for sale in other marketplaces?

  • No. Since Squadhelp will be the owner of record for the domain name, you will not be able to list it for sale in other marketplaces.
  • What happens If I submit the name to a naming contest which offers a lower award?
  • You are allowed to submit the name to any contest. In that case, if your name is selected as a winner, you will only receive the award amount associated with that contest. For example, when you submit the name to a bronze package contest ($100 award), you will receive the $100 award if your domain is selected as a winner.
  • Once your name is selected as a winner in a contest, it will be automatically removed from the Instant Domains section.
  • Squadhelp will handle the domain transfer to the contest holder, at no extra cost to you.

Does this mean Squadhelp is becoming a domain marketplace?
Absolutely not! Naming contests are the core focus of our platform, and they will continue to be. The Instant Domains section is for those customers who are not comfortable in the contest format. This section will only offer a small amount of hand-picked and highly curated names for different industries. In addition, this feature allows additional monetization opportunities to creatives, as well as protection of their names.

What’s next?

In the next few days you will see a new link available in your My Entries page, which would allow you to start nominating your names. If your name is approved (or rejected), you will receive an email from Squadhelp team.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or by sending us a direct message.


Also, wouldn’t the cost of 1000 points lower your score and keep you from submitting entries or early entries into contests?

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I think this sounds awesome! I used to only submit certain names into higher paying contests because I thought it was too good for $100 etc, but a long time ago I quit doing that because I rarely win lol I realized I was just decreasing my chances of actually gaining any profit off my idea. So for me I’d still enter the lower paying contests and if others choose not to then I might have a better shot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Domain registration is a pretty big deal around here and it’s clearly difficult to please the masses, but this idea seems to be a well thought out effort to protect our IP.

Thanks SH :slightly_smiling_face:

@LisaMac It is important to note that Instant Domains (ID) is not an alternative to participating in contests. Only domains entered in contest will be available for submission and consideration in ID. And your domains that are accepted into ID will also be available for you to enter in active contests. Further, the only way to earn points to submit your domains to ID is through contest participation. Also, using points does not effect your Quality Score.

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Are domains already owned by creatives eligible for ID as long as they agree not to market them elsewhere?


Thank you, once again, to Squadhelp for continuously coming up with great ideas. I am very excited about this.

One question: If we submit names that are currently sitting in other contests that have not been decided upon, do the rules outlined apply? (In other words, I have sitting in a pending contest. I submit it to Instant Domains and it is accepted. Then finally a CH makes a decision and chooses that name. So I then get the award for that contest?)


@Commulinks, from what I can see, you would received the contest award amount, not the marketplace amount


@Grant What then happens to the last new rule that was implemented. Where you cannot submit a liked/loved name to more than one contest and if it is liked/loved, it would be removed from the other contests. Would this hold true for the marketplace also?
Example: I have a name in the marketplace and it was submitted into a contest. The CH loves it and marks it as such. will this name now be removed from the marketplace even if it was not selected a s a winner yet?

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I have another question. I know that we creatives often come up with the same names. What happens let’s say if I have a name I sub to a contest and another creative has subbed that same name to Instant Domains. Can I still use the name that we both thought of or will the system prevent me from using that name? Or, can I still win a contest with that name?


Thats a good question @Commulinks. I get that pop up often and I think to myself “creative minds think alike” lol

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@tkpro72 - Currently, domains that are owned by Creatives will not be eligible for Instant Domains. We do plan to revisit this in the future.

@Commulinks - That is correct. A name can be in both Instant Domains and an active or pending contest. You can even submit your domains that have been accepted to ID into new contests. If the domain wins a contest, you will win the prize amount, and Squadhelp with transferred the domain to the CH.

@LisaMac - We will be revisiting the rules and processes you are referring to in the very near future. And our updates to these policies will inform the processes within ID–and they will apply consistently to all situations.

@Commulinks - When a name is accepted to ID, Squadhelp will register the domain. Only the Creative submitted the name to ID will be able to submit that domain in future contests. As of now, if you have that name/domain already submitted in an open contest and it wins, you will receive the award amount. However, since the domain will now be registered, the likelihood of the name winning will become very small.

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You can now submit your favorite names/domains to Instant Domains!

This features is in the My Entries page of your account.


Clicking doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Is it working for anyone else?

Grant, would it be possible for SH to set up a “fake” contest so that we can submit names that we have never used in a contest so they will appear on “My Entries” page so we can put them into Instant Domains? Right now, if we use only My Entries, we can’t sub new names that we might want to sub into Instant Domains.

And, because of what you said “However, since the domain will now be registered, the likelihood of the name winning will become very small” is extremely important! So when we sub the Instant Domains to other contests, won’t that same thing happen?

It’s working now. Don’t know what the problem was before.

@Grant are there any specific factors we should take into consideration as far as how SH will be deciding if a name gets accepted or not? Will this be more targeted to certain types of names i.e real words or compounds over creative spellings or blends? Thanks in advance!

Also meant to ask if this will be specific to .com domains (at least for now) or if there are other extensions that will be considered?


Is there anyway SH can bypass the domain checker on ID entries? This would allow us to enter an unaltered entry. You could notify the CHs that the domain is owned by SH and therefore IS available through the SH platform at no additional cost to their original purchase.

That could actually increase our chances rather than lower them, as SH deems it good enough to invest in.


It’d be super time saving if the my entries page showed the actual domain in the tiles because the domain isn’t always an exact match to the name shown.


Hi Grant, when I click on this feature nothing is happening for me ? Will keep trying. Kind Regards, and very excited about Instant Domains. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I can click on random ones but not others, not sure why as some are names that were entered into the same competition, I’m guessing teething issues? This is very cool and exciting though, thank you!