Introducing: Automatic Scheduled Price Increases

We are pleased to announce a new feature which automatically schedules a future Price Increase for your domains when we detect a higher level of buyer interest.

Here’s how it works:

Our algorithms will automatically keep track of daily buyer visits and shortlists for your domain landing page.

When a higher than usual level of interest is detected on your domains, we will automatically schedule a 10% price increase 30 days out. We use predictive technology to make sure that the price increase is only scheduled when there is a clear increase in interest from one or more potential buyers.

This will show a notice on the landing page that the domain is scheduled for a price increase.

If the domain already went through a price increase in the last couple of months, it will not be scheduled for a price increase again.

Why is this beneficial?

  • When buyers see a “Scheduled Price Increase” notice, it creates a sense of urgency for them to complete the purchase before the increase goes into effect.
  • Scheduling price increase is good from time to time, especially when there is ongoing interest from potential buyers. This helps maximize the returns from your assets.

How to enable this feature?

You can enable this feature from your Marketplace Preferences section on both Premium and Standard listings. If you do not wish to participate in this feature, no action is needed.


A concern here is that we have to live with that price increase once it’s done (unless we manually make a note and drop the domain back down after it happens).

I’d prefer if the SH system recommended a scheduled price increase – providing details as to what, specifically, signals strong buyer interest – and then gave us the option to approve or reject on a case-by-case basis.

Also, there’s only a pause on this feature if a domain had a price increase in the last couple months?

That could still mean ~4 price increases in one year, which seems excessive.

What if a domain gets a price increase, and then the AI detects another interested buyer 3 months later? Would the scheduled price increase happened again and again, until after 50 interested buyers a 2k domain is eventually priced at 100k ?

What if you used the language “Due to intense interest from multiple buyers, this domain may experience a scheduled price increase over the next few months”? This way, it provides additional incentive to buy, but it doesn’t commit to actually raising anything.

Thanks for the feedback. Here is some additional clarification on this feature:

  1. You will receive a notification when a price increase is scheduled. Since the price increase is scheduled 30 days out, you will have up to 30 days to cancel this price increase if you do not wish to increase the price. If you cancel the price increase, the notice will disappear from the Landing page.

  2. We will be using few throttling mechanisms to ensure that the price increases stay at a reasonable level. It is unlikely that a domain will go through more than 2 or 3 such price increases in a year, and if the new price goes significantly above the originally approved price, we will likely skip future price increases.

This is a Beta feature and we will make further adjustments based upon our learnings and ongoing feedback from our sellers.

My sense here is that the suggestion of a possible price increase, not the price increase itself, is what can close a sale.

Multiple price increases could actually lower the chances of a sale in the long run.

So, in my view, a message that the price might experience an increase would be sufficient.



I for one like the idea. SH approved prices are a bit on the low side if you ask me. So unless you are a large enough seller to where you can set your own prices I think there’s plenty of room for a price increase without making a name too expensive and I’m all for it.

Maybe a middle ground would be a max price option where the seller could say not to increase the price above a certain threshold? I probably wouldn’t bother with it myself but a seller who wants to could use it to limit price increases.

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