Introducing - All Domains Marketplace


In the “All Domains Marketplace”
1- When you sort by price from low to high you get “make offer” domains first. Also why there is not option to sort from high to low?

2- There are many domains listed at 0, I think it is a bug:

It’s not a bug. I just posted a standard domain and price was automatically set to zero. I think some creatives are lazy and don’t go into price editing. However, to prevent this from happening in the future, team need to set a non-zero price by default.

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I can go now for the fun of it and buy a bunch of $0 domains to give SH team a headache :joy:

Seriously how 0 prices are allowed? any 0 price should be converted to make offer to solve this problem.


This is because the standard domains were submitted with a “, :heavy_dollar_sign:xxxx” format instead of just “, xxxx”. Including the $ is the bug that sets the price to zero. I saw the 0 listings on my portfolio a couple of months back and then figured it out, so hope this helps.

[weirdly the $ was getting omitted in my format example above so used the emoji! :laughing: :laughing:]


Hi @grant, is there anyway to sort domains based on their categories, example finance, biotech, or automotive, etc. Maybe can put beside marketplace listing status. thank u


Dear @grant I have an idea for you. Looks like this former “all domains marketplace” has been removed, now the link mentioned in the original post is redirected to the premium marketplace.

I guess you realized that these two marketplaces attract different target markets and they compete with each other. The focus on is the curated premium domain marketplace and contests. Launching this “all domains marketplace” doesn’t make sense under

Why not launch a new brand under a separate, new domain name? This new brand would be like a general marketplace (Dan, Sedo), but you could make it better. You already have the tech stack. I think the problem was with this “all domains marketplace” is that you tried to integrate it into Squadhelp somehow, but it doesn’t work. So that’s why I suggest you to launch it as a new brand, under a new domain.

Now is the time to launch such a thing, because Dan has increased their commission and a lot of domainers are searching for an alternative. A lot of domainers just need low commission, great-looking landing pages, multiple payment methods, live chat support for buyers, installment payment plans, etc. But you have already implemented these things.

But I think a lot of domainers still don’t know about Squadhelp standard listings. Ok the commission is just 7.5%, but when you list millions of domains, that little 7.5% commissions might earn you more than the whole premium domain marketplace revenue. I think this is a huge business opportunity for you, the tech stack is already complete.

This new “all domains marketplace” under this new domain could include all premium listings, all standard listings and all WLM listings. It would offer additional exposure in case of premium domains as well, since this venue would be yet another place where you promote the premium domains. So I think existing premium domain name sellers would benefit from this new marketplace.