Introducing - All Domains Marketplace

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new All Domains Marketplace which provides a fully searchable collection of all domains listed at SH as well as SH powered White Label Marketplaces.

Powered by AI and Instant Search technology, this Marketplace includes following types of domains

  • All Premium Listings
  • All Standard Listings
  • All Listings from hundreds of White Label Marketplaces powered by Squadhelp


How will buyers discover this Marketplace?

The link to this Marketplace will be in a separate section on Squadhelp Website (different from our Premium Domain Marketplace). This Marketplace will also be promoted to Squadhelp Buyers via various methods. For example,

  • If a buyer has already explored our premium collection and has not yet found a name
  • If a buyer is about to leave the SH website, we may promote this expanded collection via our “Exit Intent” messaging technology
  • If a buyer leaves our website, we may promote the full collection via Remarketing Ads after few days.

How is this different from Premium Marketplace?

Our Premium collection will continue to receive the maximum exposure and benefit from our Advertising. In addition, the Premium domains receive several additional benefits in comparison to Standard Listings.

Typically the Standard and WLM listings only receive “Type-in” Traffic. This new Marketplace offers additional exposure by allowing SH customers to search and discover your Standard and WLM Listings.


This is much appreciated, thank you very much.

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Just a thought @grant. Maybe then Squadhelp could also have another Marketplace for domains that have expired from the Premium Marketplace… something like a “scrap yard” but are searchable within this new all domains Marketplace. These domains could be listed at a lower price and / or higher commission instead of just losing them. They probably then would still sell, and possibly quite well. Just a thought…guys?


Thanks for adding this marketplace. A couple of things:

  1. The ‘Price-High to low’ sorting option is missing for some reason, so adding that would be good.

  2. I started wondering- why is there a need for this marketplace to also include the listings from the premium marketplace? Isn’t it redundant for people to browse the premium marketplace and then be referred to this marketplace that includes the listings they already saw? It just clutters things up for them when they’re searching for new options and reduces the exposure of the WLM domains.

Anyway… hopefully this marketplace will help the exposure of the WLM domains. Rock on.


When I go to, and click on Names for sale, I do not see an option for an “All Domain names for sale”. Screenshot of what a customer sees if they go there. So how would a customer find the marketplace from the home page?


I would love a “price high to low” feature as moretal suggests. I go to do this most days and wish it was there. Its good to see the hierarchy of names so we can add discounts adjust prices etc.

I would also like to see a “new arrivals” sorting feature. I generally approve and publish my domains then go back a couple of hours later and find the new names to add literature and lifestyle images too. At the moment i have to remember what the name was and put it in the search bar to find it. So new to old listings would be very beneficial to me to manage my listings.


@grant Please note that when sorting the domains from Low to High, visitors are shown a whole lot of domains that have the price $0, then a lot of domains that cost $1, $2 etc. Regardless of the $0 domains which I don’t really understand (they’re not make offer. They’re just priced at $0) IMO exposing customers to domains that are priced so low plus giving these domains extra exposure due to the ability to sort them from Low to High can undercut the value of the rest of the domains and can hinder sales at regular end user type prices. This can turn a potential buyer who could have paid low $XXXX into someone who buys a domain for $XX.

Overall, my initial impression of the All Domains Marketplace is that if a potential buyer gets there, chances of them buying a WLM domain for a normal price is probably low. All the Premium domains are mixed in with the rest and some sellers are offering domains for prices meant for domainers and not for end users. I also feel like this section at the moment is like a hidden room within the site. A client that stumbles upon it or is sent there by SH won’t know how to get back to this section or differentiate it from the premium marketplace.

Personally, I think I would have preferred a searchable Marketplace that only includes WLM domains owned by sellers (the 7.5% commission ones). Or I guess the other Standard listings too, the ones that used to be Basic Plus (I’m not too sure where those appear and where not). The Premium domains have their own marketplace. They’re also included in all the individual White Label Marketplaces (as a side note: having the option not to show them in the WLM would be good) and now they’re also included in the new marketplace where people who already visited the Premium Marketplace are sent to see tons of domains they already saw mixed in with others. I understand that SH has an incentive to show these Premium domains everywhere since SH is invested in them and gets a higher cut if they sell, but it doesn’t feel like the current format of this second marketplace is in the best interest of sellers and buyers and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me as it is right now.

Thanks for the consideration of this feedback. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the new All Domains Marketplace currently also includes those listings where seller ownership has not yet been verified. We will be adding a fix shortly to make sure only verified listings appear in this Marketplace.

We do not plan to add a “High to Low” sort at this point. This is because we currently do not enforce any pricing restrictions and some of the highest price domains are not necessarily the highest quality domains - which will lead to a sub-par customer experience.

Regarding the premium inventory in the All domains Marketplace, we plan to test few different options but our current focus is to position the All domains Marketplace as a “Broader” collection of domain listings on SH instead of an “Alternative” collection of listings. As a result, the Marketplace also includes the Premium listings.

We will continue to test and make any necessary improvements based upon how buyers interact with this Marketplace.


Thanks @TheCollective

We will certainly consider adding a New Arrivals option.

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@grant Thanks. What you said about the high to low didn’t occur to me. Certainly a valid point as people can price domains at any price. Makes sense and you’re right not to include that. The thing is- the same thing applies to Low to High. So people who want to get rid of inventory for wholesale prices can still price domains for $XX and get a lot of visibility due to that sorting option. When a client sees similar quality domains priced at $XX and $XXXX, IMO it can make them doubt Squadhelp’s Premium marketplace and the prices brandable domains command. That turns this All domains marketplace into more of a regular marketplace where it’s basically the wild west and anything goes. These marketplaces have their place of course, but because this is all happening within Squadhelp… I’m not sure this whole concept will be super beneficial.

As for premium domains- I get what you’re saying about positioning the All Domains Marketplace as broader rather than alternative but IMO it’s confusing to send clients to a place that contains all the Premiums that they already went over along with a ton of other names. How is that a good search experience for a potential buyer, when they search for new options and get tons of results they already saw mixed in a jumble with countless domains, not even necessarily brandables since people can list anything, and prices that can range from $1 to millions? Don’t know. But yeah, please test and make neccessary improvements based on clients’ behavior.

Thanks again for the consideration and response!

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@Grant - can you tell us what the path is for a regular customer to find it?


Thank you Grant :slight_smile:

Just to clarify on my end I was talking about a “High to Low” in the Marketplace listings for the sellers portfolio, so we can manage our pricing etc. Could this be achieved along with the “new arrivals”



Currently this page is only being promoted via some retargeting ads as well as certain popups (when buyers leave the website). We are testing few options and will add permanent links to this page in the future.


Thanks so much for letting us know this. That changes my expectations on views for sure. Do you have any idea how long it will be before permanent links will be added?


When we upgrade a domain from all Domain marketplace to premium (for review) it got out from the WLM,DURING THE REVIEW TIME. It Should be in WLM untill review come.

one more thing i want to know how to list WLM/STANDARD LISTING NAME INTO WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE ??


My WLM names are getting hardly any views at all. (By hardly, I mean like 3-4 views since I added them). I have some I added in September that have gotten zero views since the “all domains marketplace” was added, which I thought was going to increase traffic to them. I have names I put into WLM that were previously basic listings, and those names names used to get views at least. The All Domains Marketplace isn’t working like I hoped it would. Something needs to be done.


Our hopes for WLM pages did not materialize. We can start voting to abolish them to keep only the premium and standard domains. Personal domains with purchased logos must be automatically upgraded to premium. IMO.


Maybe this is your experience, please do not generalize. For me it has been great and I got few sales there I am very happy with the experience so far.


I am very happy for you. I suspect that you have many more domains than I do.

Just give it more time, it needs some patience from your side. Also if you don’t have 100+ standard domains then don’t expect to get any big traffic to your website. WLM main traffic is type-in so you need a lot of domains pointing there directly to get traffic. Premium SH domains listed in WLM will bring 0 traffic btw because they are pointed to SH not to your website.