Integrate purpose of payment field for Wire Transfer (Wise)


@grant the team has relatively recently integrated into the platform the ability to withdraw money to their bank account through Wise. To choose this output method, you need to make changes to profile settings, providing all the necessary information. It’s great and thank you to the team for adding it to the platform.

For many here on the platform, adding “Purpose of payment field for Wire Transfer” in the settings will be very valuable. For example, banks in my country report that payment would be credited to my bank account, and the Purpose of payment field requires information on which services the team sends me money for. Because, for example, I have permitted activities that I can do and the bank just has to compare them to see if the money really comes for the services that I can do. If the field is empty, there may be unnecessary questions and the payment will not be credited and it will be necessary to prove to the bank that the money was received for services “logo design” and not for example for services “selling domains or nft collection, etc”.
I was informed in support that they did not indicate any comments or the purpose of the payment.

What I offer in this regard, I think it is technically not difficult to implement and the team will be able to integrate it:

  1. If after clicking the “Request Payout” button the command manually processes requests and manually enters data/amount and sends money through the Wise profile, there should be a field “Purpose of payment” or “The Reference is:” and you can add information there regarding payment.
  2. If after clicking the “Request Payout” button the command does not perform any data entry functions, only confirms this payment, so that the money was sent to the owner, I suggest integrating the field " Purpose of payment" in the “Account Details” profile and add “Purpose of payment” it where we specify all information about bank transfer via Wise. And when the “Request Payout” button is clicked, the system will automatically integrate this information into the payment being sent. I will attach a screenshot of how a client I worked with used to send me money via Wise and there was an opportunity to add information for which services the payment was sent.
  3. If integrating the field " Purpose of payment" in the settings of the profile “Account Details” is very difficult and impossible because it is so technically implemented here and it is impossible for each individual to add information for which payment services, then at least for everyone here on the platform add general information in this field, for example, “Purpose of payment: Payment for the provision of goods and services”.
  4. If it is unrealistic to integrate this information at all, I suggest improving the section “Transactions - My Payouts” and implementing the possibility after sending money to download *.pdf file with an invoice where it would be written for what money was received (attached a screenshot - quickly example, I think the team knows better how to present it).
  5. When the money is sent via Wise, who will be indicated in the sender field: Squadhelp Inc or Wise?

Thank you.

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