Instant Recommendations

Anyone else bummed they removed the Instant Recommendations feature?
I am!
I suppose maybe some used it to flood contests, but I loved easily locating my previous names.
Hope they reconsider and bring it back!


The instant recommendations is gone for me too, plus some other technical difficulties. I hope it is just a glitch and will be back. I wish there the Instant Recommendations screen gave access to all previous entries.

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I Blue Buttoned this and was told they were no longer keeping instant recommendations feature :confused:

I asked about the name type and style classifications on the submission form, that’s been discontinued as well.

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shoot, I didn’t even realize we still had that before we lost it. LOL. I BBd the type and style, too… I am actually so happy that is gone. Total waste of time.

Got another message from SH, apparently it is still a feature, and it was a glitch.

I still have it. But I don’t use it. It just seems to suggest anything that got a “love it” and doesn’t even pertain to the contest category. I don’t use it.


I wish I had this feature on my iPhone. I have it on my laptop, and it’s a pretty useful tool to have, even though it’s not working properly. It tells me to which contest I’ve submitted, and I can resubmit to similar contests.

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