Instant Recommendations for Creatives

Today, I’m excited to announce Instant Recommendations for Creatives!

Now, your Submit Entries popup includes an Instant Recommendations button. When you click this button, you will see your entries from past contests within a similar category, which received high ratings.

Please note that all of these names will not be appropriate for the current contest. Submit these Recommendations selectively, or use them to inspire other relevant name ideas.


Thank you! I saw this and thought it was awesome.


Maybe need to find a way to exclude entries that have won previously, I have several still showing up as suggestions. But a great idea!

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I thought this was awesome also! :heart_eyes:

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Can someone shed some light on how this works exactly? I don’t see it anywhere I click? Thanks!


Here is a screenshot of it

When you click it, ‘High-Rated’ entries from similar types of contests (that you have entered in the past) will show up for you to submit, you just choose which one, and go about it from there like you would do any other type of entry. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yes @rareworthy
That totally explains it😃. Very much appreciated!

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Awesome feature! Thanks SH!


More & More great ideas helping your SH Namers! Loveit! We Thank You


This new feature is incredibly helpful-- love it!

We will either remove winning names from these recommendations or add a marker of some kind. We are hoping that the displayed names will not only be submitted into contests, but will also be used to inspire and create new names that are even more relevant to the current contest. So we may choose to continue to display winning names in I-RoC.