Instant recommendations feature

I like the instant recommendations feature as it helps us draw on our own entries from the past and is a good tool for when you are stuck for inspiration or confused on what names to enter. It helps you handily remember old names and repurpose them for a new contest.

I do hope it could be more fine-tuned? and we could customize it or exclude certain entries from it?, as it always includes some very very contest specific or niche names. I wonder if there was some way to “Teach it new tricks” through feedback.


I was slightly amazed when Squadhelp gave everyone this tool as it seems to encourage entering names in multiple contests which Im sure they were trying to discourage or limit,likewise the option to tag your names to make them easier to find and again enter in multiple contests .

Can anyone explain why we have these options if we are not supposed to use them lol

@BillWarburton It’s not meant to purposely encourage entering names in multiple contests at once. It’s up to the individual creative to keep in mind what names have been used in active contests, and what names are currently being used. Otherwise, it’s meant as a way to enter names that have done well in previous contests, which means most will have been used in past contests which have closed. Again, you have to do your own work and keep in mind what names may be used in ACTIVE contests. It’s a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. And like utilizing any type of tool, the user has to have the awareness of how it is being used an how they are using it.

They don’t want two contest holders simultaneously desiring and picking the same entry (With associated .com domain) as winner, for one to be sorely disappointed or something to that effect.

I don’t think they could reasonably expect us to only enter a name in just one or a few contests, given the fact that names we enter aren’t automatically chosen and have no guarantee of ever being chosen (Given the nature of crowd sourcing). Besides most good domain names are bound to be registered sooner or later, so the only chance we have with a good available domain name that we come up with, is if we enter it in multiple contests unless it is approved for Instant domains or it is so good we register it ourselves.