Instant Recommendations/Domains Questions

@grant a couple of questions please?

Instant Recommendations
Are these domains only offered to the top contests ($300+) or to all contests? The reason I’m asking is because I have names that I only submit to the top contests and I’d hate for them to be imported by a $100 contest.

Something to note is: I have a name that is currently top rated in a closed contest, and has just been imported into a new contest. Personally, I don’t think this is too much of a problem. If it wins in the original contest I would go and remove it from the other, but you may wish to avoid this altogether?

Something to note is: I submitted a name into a contest from ‘my owned domains’ a while ago. I no longer own this domain and have since removed it from ‘my owned domains’. It has recently been imported into a new contest, after I removed it from my owned domains (I have gone and ‘withdrawn’ it).

Instant Domains
Out of interest, are these domains offered to the top contest holders in the same way Instant Recommendations are?

Many thanks

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Able, this is the one answer I do know… the answer is yes. They are only offered to the $300+ contests. I am saying this based on memory but I am pretty sure about it because I remember thinking the same thing. It is a premium resource.

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@AbleBrands, sorry about the delay in response.

  1. Instant Recommendations are currently offered to contests with a minimum (and Guaranteed) award of $200 or higher.
  2. Good point. We will look into improving the recommendation algorithm so that high rated names in active contests are not recommended to other contests.
  3. We will look into the My Owned Domains issue you mentioned.
  4. We are currently testing showing Instant Domains as recommendations in certain contests. If this works well, we will expand the use of Instant domains as recommendations in more contests.

We are also working on making few additional updates, so the Instant Recommendations will become even more curated and relevant than they currently are. We will also be simplifying the process to nominate names for Instant Recommendations and Instant Domains. More to come on this soon.


Thank you very much for such a concise reply @Darpan

Hi @Darpan
Will those rejected ID’s be eligible for reconsideration once you guys update? I ask b/c not a single name I’ve submitted has passed approval-no matter the rating,labeling,etc.Thanks!


@Marye5, If a name was previously not accepted in ID, it is unlikely that it will be reconsidered.

Having said that, we continue to learn from the types of the names that are being purchased in ID, and if we believe certain names need to re-evaluated based upon our learnings, we will certainly do so. In those cases we will directly reach out to the creatives and let them know that the name is a good candidate for ID.


Thank you @Darpan
Sounds good!

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Awhile back you stated there would be a feature coming soon that would tell us if any of our entries are good ID candidates. Do you know when we can expect to see this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


@Chasity2ku, we have already started doing that on a limited basis. As we come across names that are great fit for ID, we send out a message to the creative letting them know that the name is a good fit for ID. We plan to expand this program in the near future and evaluate more names that are submitted in contests.


Oh cool, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know!

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Oh BTW, when you say you’ll soon expand and evaluate more entries in contests does that mean your team is only looking at new entries, or is anyone combing over past entries as well?

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I received one of these messages recently, and submitted the recommended entry for instant domains. It was accepted today. I like this feature because the entry they suggested submitting was one I probably would not have chosen myself. I have had a few instant domains accepted, but it’s been very hit and miss. Nice to have the guesswork removed from the process! :slight_smile: