Instant Domains

I was curious to know if any instant domains have actually sold yet.


Idk…for sure not any of mine as none were approved :cry:…id isn’t for me apparently :confused:…Congratulations to the great namers that have been approved and your ideas are being purchased- if your id has been chosen :cocktail:

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@grant, @hollygirl; Hi Grant, I was wondering too. Thanks in advance!


@grant. The marketplace is still not showing up when logged in. If someone likes a name, wants to buy it, signs up… they can’t find it again.


@grant are you avoiding this topic?? (In a high-pitched suggestive tone lol)

But seriously…we’re just curious…a simple yes or no will do.

It’s even been asked before with no reply.

Inquiring minds want to know, Grant :smiley:


If we have a hard time finding them then surely they will have an even harder time seeing them.


When I’m logged in, the domains for sale access button doesn’t show on the screen…unless I log out.

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@grant (big fat bump of this thread).


Hi everyone, sorry about the delay in responding. There are several exciting projects underway which is keeping the team a bit occupied.

Here is a quick update on Instant Domains:

  1. Yes, we did have a few sales of Instant Domains already. We are working on making the transfer process a bit more seamless, because when you initially register a domain, it comes with a 90 day registry lock. So if a name sells within the first 90 days, there are few extra steps to go through to transfer it to the buyer. The first few sales have provided some insights that we will use to make this process a bit more seamless.
  2. While you may not see this section when you login as a creative, we do have several means to show this to prospective customers. However, one thing to keep in mind is that our Naming contests are the primary focus of our platform and therefore ID will likely not take a very prominent placement on our platform. Having said that, we will continue to increase the visibility of this initiative, as we do believe it is a very valuable resource for our creatives as well as our customers.
  3. We are planning on making some changes that aligns our Instant Recommendations with the Instant Domains capabilities to make all of this much more streamlined and simplified. More to come on this soon.
  4. Many of you have expressed concerns about your names not getting approved. We understand that this can be frustrating. In the near future, we will also be adding a “pre-approval” mechanism which would allow you to see which of your names will be approved by SH if you submitted them for Instant Domains. Hopefully this would improve the overall experience for everyone. More to come on this soon.

We continue to work on many exciting initiatives, and as always we appreciate all your support and ongoing feedback.


Massive thank you for the update @Darpan. The future sounds very exciting!


I LOVE the pre-approval idea! Thank you!!! Wow!