Instant Domains (Selection Process)

Hello SH team!

I’m sure this has already been discussed-- sorry if I’m repeating a topic.

I’m curious what keeps the Instant Domain process from not being biased towards specific creatives? I entered names that were totally reminiscent of things I’ve seen on other creatives pages. I don’t really understand why these names were rejected.

Easy to say, alliteration, can be used in many ways. Did the process become more selective over time?

Thank you for any feedback. I appreciate this site and SUPER appreciate you guys.


Same here, no matter what I submit it gets rejected.


I’m sure there’s no bias in choosing Instant Domain names. I’ve submitted maybe 10 or 12 names, and 2 have been accepted. That’s not a big percentage, but it’s better than none. And I’m not at ll one of the big-winning creatives here. I think they’re just being very selective about what they choose.


The shorter the name the better it seems without added variations. (This was a reason for one of mine). I guess it just depends on what SH deems fit for promoting on their site. I am currently awaiting results on some other submissions I made. We shall see! Take care.


The feedback has been very helpful. This might be a matter of submitting a dozen before landing on something that works. In looking over some of the existing IDs-- I can now see that there is (often) a funky/and very general nature to many of them. One of mine was a little more specific than I thought.

I hope I can make one work soon. Thanks guys!

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Keep trying. Don’t be discouraged. :slight_smile:


Have you received feedback on your rejections?

Same for SH selected winners. When i scroll i see the same faces. And ive clicked on the contests to make sure there were multiple options loves etc, soo. Yeah.

I don’t think we should make it a point to point fingers at the possibility of there being favoritism. Holding such thoughts can create stigma. I’ve submitted several myself and have been rejected on all of them, and I also have only won two SH selected contests in my year here. However, I have many likes, several loves, and my percentage – at least currently, isn’t too bad. While I could have a tendency to wonder this sometimes – more that I wonder if many CHs peruse profiles (like anyone would on any social network to determine trustability) and that profiles could easily be used against us. But, after giving it some thought, allowing myself to retain a cool head and clear mind – I realize that sometimes some people just have better knacks at being able to come up with good ideas. Not that my ideas (or anyone in this same boat) are not good, I am just a bit more outside of the box. Simplicity here seems to reign supreme most days and there are some very talented creatives here that have honed in on the ability to capture simplicity and also capture great names. Do I agree with them all? No, but I’m sure many haven’t agreed with my two wins either.

Either way, entertaining the thought that there could be favoritism to certain people only does a disdain to yourself. It makes such thoughts build and fester until you become upset and overly critical of things. I think there just have to be certain grooves hit with contests, wins, and submissions both for contests and instant domains. They could be very picky, there could be certain criteria, and after reading a lot of the criteria that has been provided, it may just take a bit to find that name that fits in that godilocks zone for all of us. I don’t know why some are getting accepted and we arent. I don’t care. I am not going to harbor it and let it make me bitter. I just will keep trying and if never happens, it never happens, sort of like having my name chosen by a CH. I’d like to think positively and think that I’m growing and improving, I just haven’t hit that godilocks zone. I could also muse to myself that maybe I’m just too original – and the only reason that’s bad is it’s not going to get me far with many CHs but where is that bad anywhere else in life? I’d rather be positive and not think there is any favoritism and just keep trying – if at first you don’t succeed, try try again, and then if you still don’t succeed, realize your strengths, admit your weaknesses and move on to improve your weaknesses then try once more. :slight_smile:


I’ve submitted a few and have had a few approved. What I can tell you is that the names that were approved were real words or combination of real words. Short name…10 letters of less, most of mine were 8. Vague, not too specific. Could be used for a few different markets. I hope that helps a bit. :blush:


Here is the post that explains some general guidelines for ID -


The 2 that I’ve had approved are 1-word (obvious) misspellings. But I’ve had short 2-real word names and 1-word made-up names turned down. I’ve also thought most of them could be used for several different types of products/businesses. So I guess I just can’t figure out what they’re looking for. :slight_smile: At least I’ve had 2 approved, and I’ll keep trying.