Instant Domains and Market Place Contests

This probably sounds a bit dumb but with all the very fab (may I say!) Changes, I’m a little confused. Are we still able to enter our previous entries for consideration in the “instant domains” and if so are they considered? Or because its being phased out (I think?) Are only entries into the SH marketplace contests now being considered? I.e., if I enter my old ones through the instant domains process are they just going to automatically be rejected as that’s not how its being done anymore?? I’ve tried following all,the threads but along the line I’ve got myself all confused!! Thank you for helping me!! I hope I’ve managed to say that all in an intelligible manner!!

As far as I know, both ways of submitting entries for instant domain consideration are still fine. The marketplace contests are just to help find certain genres of names that are in demand, and it gives you a change to enter names you haven’t used previously as contest entries. I’ve had way more names approved through the “previous entries” route, myself.
What they are phasing out is the instant recommendations feature, which used to suggest previously entered names to CHs. That doesn’t affect the marketplace stuff.


Thanks for clearing that up for me!! :grinning: