Instant Domain Marketplace Contests

In the past, you have asked for the ability to submit URLs for consideration in Instant Domains that have not been entered into a Squadhelp contest.

Today, we announce Instant Domain Marketplace Contests:

These contests will focus on specific areas in which we believe there is a high demand for premium domains. Domains that are submitted into these contests will be reviewed for inclusion in ID.

We currently have three live ID Contests:

  • Domain Marketplace Competition - Cryptocurrency Names
  • Strong Brand Names
  • Legal Focused SEO Domains

There will be no winner chosen from these contest. However, all approved domains will be featured for sale in ID, and the Creative who submitted the domain will receive the standard ID compensation upon the sale of any of their submitted domains.


Thank You SH! Never ceasing to impress! Thank you for more opportunities to profit! I have just a couple of Domain Marketplace domains that were selected by SH and are up for sale, but have not sold any. Has anyone sold an Instant Domain approved by the Market Place yet? All in All I’ll admit, may name is AlphaOmega and I’m an addict. Squadhelp is my Vice :heart_eyes:


Hello, AlphaOmega :joy:

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I’ve blue buttoned it but thought I’d also post here in case anyone else is having the same problem… I press submit and nothing happens!! Wah!! What’s wrong with me!!! :wink: Let me in, please!!! :grin:

After hitting submit, I am immediately taken to a white screen, that reads…Submission Sent or Received, or Accepted or something to that effect. After I close out the screen and return back to the contest, my entry is there. Just explaining what is happening after I enter or hit submit.


Nada! I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, logged out and in, I press submit and there’s nothing, like the screen just died. I have blue buttoned it but as I’m in Spain and I imagine tech is in US and they’re hours behind I was hoping someone may have a genius answer for me so I wouldn’t have to wait as OBVIOUSLY I have names I,want to enter before anyone else ha ha!! :grinning::grin: I don’t have this problem with any other contests btw just these 3 SH ones. Maybe it’s a “No Chance!!” Filter response to my entries!! :joy::joy:

I’m sure a question was asked, which I can no longer find, but I’ll answer it here.

If you submit a name through an ID Marketplace Contest that SH approves of, you get an email that states:

We just wanted to let you know that one of your entries,, is a strong fit for Squadhelp Domain Marketplace. If you are not familiar with Squadhelp Domain Marketplace, you can read more about it here:

Participation in this program is optional and you are under no obligation to submit your entry for consideration for Instant Domains. However, if you are interested in this opportunity, you can submit your entry by following this link:


Please remember to classify your entry for the appropriate business categories, and include a catchy description in order to maximize the liklihood of selling this name.

Squadhelp Team

Further, on your submission you get a thumbs up and a note that looks like this:

This is great SquadHelp, thanks very much!


@AbleBrands…thanks for sharing, I had asked this question and it was answered but nice to see what it looks like and congratulations !!!

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What if you want to enter a name you entered in a contest. The contest is closed and the CH has never looked at your entry. Can you do that?

Lorin, if you already subbed it to a content then you can just submit it from My Entries page to the marketplace. As long as it is on My Entries, you can sub it.

I have a question about the ratings on Domain Marketplace contests. I understand receiving a love it is basically pre-approval for the marketplace, but what about likes? Does receiving a like mean the entry is definitely not suitable, or should we submit with a well-written description and hope for the best? I just don’t want to waste time submitting something with zero chance of acceptance.

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I wonder if admin is still going over newer entries into contests that were started a lot earlier (Bitcoin one for example). I am confused if many entries that are still unrated have been seen and considered?


Daisy, I had a like… and it had a flag on it that said it was cleared to submit. Look for the flags on the likes.


I have submitted names that were not rated or liked in the marketplace contests and some of these names were accepted via the “my entries” section. I did have a more detailed description when submitting these names which may have made a difference. Also, a name can receive a high rating without receiving pre-approval in a marketplace contest.

If you believe in the name it is worth resubmitting


I had an entry that has been loved many times. I also had that same entry come us as “pre-approved” for instant domain recommendation, however, I had submitted it when we first started and they did not approve it. So it seems like there is no rhyme or reason for the selecting process. Also, it still shows up on my “pre-approved” list, yet if I click it it won’t let me do anything because it was already rejected. I stated that they shouldn’t stay in our pre-approved list because it is confusing. I was also told that the system pulls the ones that say pre-approved for instant recommendation, but that doesn’t make it automatic. it then has to be approved by the selection team after that.


Im not sure a like or love is a good criteria, because we all know how subjective and personal that is to CH, some of my best names were on the right track, or even not good fits. I wasn’t aware those were automatically out.

We are receiving an overwhelming number of submissions for the Domain Marketplace (Instant Domains), and we thank all of you for your support.

While we do our best to follow a consistent methodology to approve or reject the submissions, we also look at current factors to re-evaluate the submissions. For example, if there is already a very similar name in our marketplace, we may no longer approve a name that was previously determined to be a good fit. Or if we see a trend in sales for a style, type, or category, we may look to pre-approve similar names.

Regarding the domain marketplace contests, please rest assured that we review each and every submission. The ratings are meant to give you a quick indication of how close that name aligns with what we are looking for. However for the ones that we will select for the marketplace, you should receive an email, as well see a thumbs up icon next to the entry.

Thanks again for your support, and please continue to share any feedback around how we can further improve our platform.

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Grant, can you tell me what it means when entries in marketplace contests are seen but not rated? I see in a recent one that some of my names are rated and some are not and some of the ones that are not were submitted before some of the non-rated ones. Do I assume those names have been rejected or are you still considering?


Unfortunately, we are not able to rate all entries in the marketplace contests. If you have submitted anything in a marketplace contest and it has been seen for more than a day, then it is safe to remove it if that is what you’d like to do.


In one of such contests I found ‘Like it’ was the highest rating. I too got a ‘like it’ but never got a flag or a letter like what Able said. And in other contests either it is not seen or not rated. No clue, whom to ask or where to ask.

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