Installments Vs No Installments?

Last month I sold a domain on 6 moths installment, I received one payment, but yesterday I was very disappointed to learn that the buyer cancelled the installments agreement!

As a reaction I decided to cancel installments on all of my domains, I prefer to either sell a domain or not sell it, I don’t like uncertainty.

I would like to hear about your experience:

  • How many of your sales (%) were on installments?
  • Did you experiment with On/Off installments and how that affected your sales?

40% domains sold on installments, i had them on by default untill recently. Now installments are on only if view/shortlist is low. In your case, if buyer gives up, you get to keep the money you already received, right?


Right I keep the money and the domain.
So non of your installment sales got abandoned? I wonder if this happens often

No, I believe none of my sales were abandoned, but I don’t really make many sales. I’m sure it happened to others, I remember someone wrote in forum that buyer gave up after 5 out of 6 instalments. Perfect for the seller :slight_smile:


I had major reservations about putting my names on installment plan option. I really don’t like financing someone else’s business. However, I did it because it does impact sales. I have had about 25% of my sales on installment plans, I think - especially recently. On the plus side, I always have money in my account these days because there are several. On the other side, I sweat it when they are late with payments. I haven’t had anyone stop paying completely. I have had some pay ahead. If you have a lot of names, I think it really does help because you can have several on installments at the same time. But I do sort of obsessively check them to make sure they are paying.

During these times especially, startups are cropping up to replace lost jobs. And they are often cash-poor so I think that is why this is happening so much.

So, in spite of my extreme caution about doing it, I am glad in the end that I did.

PS: Yes, I experimented for several months and ended up landing on having all of them on installments. I put some on/some off, etc.


Thanks for detailed answer.
So according to your experiment the sales dropped after switching installments off?

Not exactly. I think you know I have been here a long time. I have names in the marketplace from 2017 (the first year). According to the experiment, sales increased after turning them on. Back then, sales were slower. So it was only a question of “up.”

Test it and see what happens. Look at your shortlists regularly. I track mine obsessively looking for encouragement. The installments increased my shortlists.