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@Dan If SH is aware that a CH will reduce a rating simply because they’ve decided it’s not the best fit and just need it out of their view, even though they “liked it”, why are we being docked points? I know there was a recent change but this is only after the contest is closed. What’s the difference? If they liked it, they liked it! My point is, in most cases I would imagine they reduce the rating because they decide there are better ones (for them) and simply narrowing it down. NOT because they decided this was a bad entry they accidentally liked.

I’ve realized I’m out of my league here with this naming thing but I can’t seem to stop. It’s fun to me! However, I rarely get a good rating :pensive: Sure I get mad about it, really mad, too mad…that’s a whole other topic lol
BUT…when I get a rating above a “nah”, especially a like or love, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel!! It erases the thoughts I have of quitting, because I apparently suck at this, and gives me motivation to keep trying! Only to have it taken away. Points and pride ripped away from you as if they’ve made a horrible mistake. Then I’m left wondering was it really that bad, or did they simply decide it’s good but not “the one”? Either way I’m out the points and positive motivation.

I understand CHs are the main concern and you want to keep the process simple, but please consider changing this. My suggestion would be to add a box for CH to select next to an entry to hide it, without affecting the rating. But if they do actually reduce it, maybe only dock us a set amount of points less than the entire amount. I think 5 is fair. Or when they reduce a rating, a box could pop up and they can select the reason. SH can then decide what will happen with the points based on what they select. Maybe even make it impossible to reduce a rating.

Either way, at the risk of sounding childish, it’s really not fair!!

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Chasity, try not to take it personally. You will get use to it. It is how the CH weeds out the ones they really want to keep . They get hundreds of names they have to go through so this helps them bring their favorites to the top. It will just make those “love it” all that much sweeter when they keep them. Good luck to you :sunflower:


Sometimes things just work out, congratulations!


Positive way to look at it Lorin. Thank you! It still stinks tho , huh? :confused:

My suggestion of checking a box to hide a submission rather than reduce is what I’m hoping for!!

Thanks Tippi! They prob just wanted to shut me up lol😉

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@Chasity2ku well looks like you just got an extra 100 points there, congratulations on your first win, seems like you’re not as bad as you thought :slight_smile:

And I think howzer is a great name.


It fits the brief very well , and I personally think a win from SH is better because it comes from your peers.


Thanks Demiurge!! That means a lot!

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@Chasity2ku, first of all, congratulations on your first win. Just to set the record straight, even though the timing looks pretty odd, the winner selection was entirely based on the merit of your name, and not based on forum comments - so you should definitely feel good about it! :smile:

Regarding your question about rating downgrades, our system currently recognizes the final ratings awarded by the CH and it works both ways. You gain additional points if you move from low rating to high, and you lose points if you move from high rating to low. However, the point system is meant more of an encouragement tool and we will certainly consider your feedback as we implement further updates to the point system.


Thanks Dan. I do feel good about it!! :smile:

I see how it works both ways and I respect it. But I’d love for CHs to have other options of hiding an entry once it’s been rated. Thanks hearing me out!

I have to say SH does a phenomenal job of trying to make everybody happy. All the while knowing it is100%, without a doubt, impossible.

I certainly don’t envy your job Dan, but you do it well!

Keep up the good work SH!

(I might be on a winners high lol)


I know what you mean. I just started here a few days ago and was super happy with my first LOVE IT, but today I woke up to find my points are down to -5. I was like WHAT? Then I saw my profile and realized my LOVE IT got demoted to LIKE IT :frowning: It really stings

I realize now this is how the system works. But was it really necessary to take me to a -5? Is like saying I’m not just bad at this I really, Really stink so badly that I’m in the negative. That is really discouraging.

Couldn’t they make 0 the lower you can go?

Wow I feel ya there buddy. I bet that does sting. I didn’t know it would go negative. Try not to let it bother you.

I’m a newb as well but have a few months on ya. A few pieces of advice from one newb to the next:

BRUSH IT OFF!!! You are going to get mad, discouraged, furious, confused, dumbfounded, and everything in between. I think I’m realizing that will NEVER change. It’s a part of the name game. Why? Because everything is subjective. Even winning names are “no, thank yous” in other contests, or leave me scratching my head wondering how it won over mine. No one naming style is the key to winning. So just let your creativity flow and just do you!

I would recommend saving your points. At first I was using them on names I thought were golden, only to get a low rating. Now, I only use them on abandoned contests. They are much more useful there in my opinion.

Be picky! At first I would enter any and every contest. In fact, I would sort them by time and start with contests ending first. I didn’t care if the ideas were flowing or if I was drawing blanks, I would come up with names just to get my hat in the ring. There are so many to choose from and new ones being added constantly you are really free to gravitate to the ones you “get” and feel inspired by. I’ve seen a lot less frowns this way, and that feels good!

Hope this helps! Good luck :blush:

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Thanks for the encouragement and the advice. I wiil keep it on mind :+1:

It took me 6 weeks to win and I hung out in the very negatives for a while until then. Be patient. I’m sure thing will turn around for you soon. I agree to save your points for abandoned contests rather than highlighting entries. Not sure how much that helps–My highlighted entries are never the ones that win! Since this is so subjective, my favs are usually not anyone else’s…

I’m impressed! You’re a newbie and already you’re this savvy! I doubt that I would have found my way to the forum this quickly!

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