India Perfume guy

I have followed his brief, he wanted 2 words and I gave him 2 words but he still is rating with 1 star.
This hurts us badly. I don’t want to get angry with him, could you check and see if we have a language barrier going on please?

@LorinRyle, thanks for letting us know. We will look into this. However, as a reminder, you can not continue to challenge CH on their choice of rating, especially if you have already posted a comment, seeking clarification. We share detailed instructions with CH on how to rate entries at the start of contest, and we re-inforce that through ongoing messages.

We’ve had few contest holders who abandoned their contests due to this very issue, that they felt they were being aggressively challenged by contestants on their choice of ratings so they decided to stop rating altogehter. It is ok to seek clarification, but you can not challenge them on their choice of rating.


Got it, will remember ! Ty

Was it two words together? That might make the CH think it’s one word…

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There are only 7 rated with three stars. One is mine and is “Portée Pouvoir”. I don’t know french and I’m guessing CH doesn’t either, he just want something that sounds french and “perfume-ish”.

Hope that helps. :wink:


I also have a three star and from his comment with the name Chloe Parker used as an example, I submitted a French sounding first and last male name and a French sounding first and last female name. I think what he wants is a French sounding name for both the male and female perfumes.


Once again,an excerpt from a contest brief:

‘Require name of perfumes - Male and Female. Can be two different or a single one.’ - Here a ‘name of perfumes’ could be interpreted as a single holding name entity under which both Male and Female versions reside.

‘Request you to suggest two word names’ - Could be understood as guidelines for either a single or multiple submissions.each consisting of two words (as in 2 word name times two bringing a tally of 4 names/or 2 two-word names per submission/entry).

‘I am requesting for a two word name’ - Could be read as a single pair of a two-word name for a unisex version.

‘Suggest to use two words e.g. “Chloe Parker” or something two words in French for Men and Women separate’ - So, is it meant to denote a single pair of a two-word name or two separate versions of a two-word pair for female and male customers?

‘Single word name will be an exception rather than the norm’.

‘Two word names please.’’ ‘Will prefer a two word name’ - There are different connotations to a two-word name compared to two-word names.

‘Will prefer a two word name. But you are free to propose anything catchy and trendy.’ - Does anything catchy and trendy supersede the need for a two- word name ?

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