Indexing Basic Listings



I originally listed names in Basic, but removed them when I realized they weren’t getting indexed. With the new update on our personal portfolio pages, I assumed that Basic Listings would show up under Listing Type, and therefore would get indexed, so I started adding names to Basic again.

I now realize that is not the case.

Would it be possible please, to add a section to our portfolio pages, simply to aid those pages in getting indexed?


Or to give us a private link to our ‘Basic Portfolio’ so we can build some links to it?

Unfortunately, without being able to get those pages indexed in Google, they are of no use to me.

Thanks very much.


I have been asking for this for a long time. If we help the Squadhelp fill the domain marketplace, then the SH team should also help us index ALL of our domains listed at SH incl. Basic & Basic Plus domains


I’m assuming this is a “No” @grant? Could you confirm before I start removing them again please?


@AbleBrands This change is already live. You can probably see some basic listings in your portfolio already. However it might take 24-48 hours to see all names (once our platform has indexed all names)


Seriously? Oh wow, thank you!

Yes! I’ve just looked and can see some already.

Woohoo. I’ll be transferring loads over to you guys now.

Thanks again.