Incentive for winner selection

Based upon the discussion and feedback in other threads, we are happy to announce that we have now added an incentive for contest holders for timely winner selection. If they select a winner within 5 days of contest end date, they will immediately receive a credit equalling 10% of the total amount they paid for the contest. This should improve the timeliness of winner selection.


Awesome Dan, fingers crossed that this pushes them to select more quickly!


An absolutely great idea! :

How long does a Contest Holder have from the date of the contest ended to make his decision on who is the winner?

I think it’s 30 days, but I have to double check.

Btw…that is great news @Dan. Absolutely love it ! :+1:

Certainly a “win-win” situation!

Have you thought about shortening the time they have to choose? 30 days seem way to long. Seems it’s so long they forget to come back!


30 days is the right amount of time to be fair to CH and contestants. The C H needs to do due diligence and may need to consult other people in the business on choosing the name so it can take a couple of weeks.

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I feel 2 weeks is fair and enough time. The contest holder can always request Squadhelp for an extension if really necessary.


I think that is a good idea.

great idea if they pick the one they like - not so great if they just stick a pin in it and use another name at a later date

@Jose, they already take our names and domains they don’t pay for. 2 weeks or 30 days isn’t going to change that.


@Tammy I wonder if upping the payout from $50 to at least $100 would help weed out some of the domain miners and thieves. What do you think?

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@LauraE, It may. I guess thats in the works though!