In the event of?

Bit of a weird question. Any idea if, in the event of one’s death, can your name portfolio be transferred to a family member or another person? I think this lockdowns finally got to me! Feel okay at the minute by the way🙂


Good question. But even in today’s realities, there is no need for a special permission from the SH team. Your relatives or friends need to create an account here. The toolbar has the ability to transfer both your own and the SH registered domains to any account


Good point but can you transfer if your not here! Bit morbid I admit.

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I think there is a way out of any situation. Your loved ones may know the password for your safe deposit box as well as the password for your account. Otherwise, they can always write to the team and show evidence that they are your relatives. Adequate and understanding people work in SH support, always ready to come to the rescue.


Yes I totally agree about SH being very helpful. Thanks for screen shot. I had forgotten you could do that. Would still be interested if SH has considered it. Maybe nominate a contact or the like.


A nominee name and email ID would surely be a good move @Hawkeye


I think this discussion of inheritance popped up not so long ago and @grant promised to look into it, if I am not mistaken


So glad you brought this up. I asked this a while ago, too and was hoping we would have a way to list designees on our account. But SH did say back then that we just need to have the person we want to take over contact SH. They told me this situation has actually, sadly, happened, too.