In a SH State of Mind


Ahhh Sqerrd Haaalp…

I think I’ve finally figured you out and got myself in the right state of mind to be here. I’m learning to play-- not argue or lament. I come online, I throw on some ASMR, and I think hey-- this is better than not participating in anything. I have to be in bed anyway and problem solving is brain healthy and life coloring. I play a couple contests a day and try to remain more interested in my score than the winning.

I’m still not perfect at losing, but I think I’m finding my rhythm.

I get excited at seeing other’s creativity, and would expo. prefer someone else win a contest than it get abandoned. Every loss is an opportunity to sharpen the tools in your toolkit. I’m glad to have learned this much from you all. So thanks.

In a good place on SH-- hope it stays this way.

PS-- the wait times are still : )


Now this would be a good topic for the Seniors Lounge :wink:


Indeed! Says I need a trust level 3 or higher. I gotta get my trust level up, stat! :skull: