Improving Domain Marketplace Logos


I’m no expert in designing logos and I value the creativity of each designer but I can’t help but feel that the Logo and the quality of it is as important as the name itself. The names that appeal to me the most on the Domain Marketplace all have great logos but many logos are just not appealing. I feel certain icons are outdated and kind of cheap looking.

I was wondering whether it will be possible for us to submit some form of concept/feedback on designs that are not fitting the name or are just unsatisfactory? Even if we can just submit a concept/idea in writing on our accepted names may well help the designer.

(Had to remove my examples as it is against SH terms to discuss names on the marketplace)

I have heard that this is going to be a “highly curated” marketplace and I do understand the volume of names submitted and designs that are been created may make it difficult to control quality but I feel the logo design can make or break a sale and it should also follow the same quality direction.

I have been comparing marketplaces and find the “brandable” names here are of a better quality but I do find that the Logo designs on the others sites are superior. Many of the designs here are top-notch but others, not so much. (Of course, all this is subjective)

There are logos using free templates and as a buyer I would hate to spend $1k+ on a name and logo only to find the logo is widely used by other sites and businesses. My thoughts are that a logo differentiates a business and it should be unique.

It would be appreciated if we can have some form of say on the logos created.


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I feel the logo design can make or break a sale…[/quote]
I totally agree, Purr - I would love for the Artists who create the logos for our domain names to give us (the Creatives) at least two or three options to select from, before our names are “posted” in the marketplace for sale.

While they’re mostly quite stunning, a couple of mine just don’t come across they way I imagined they’d look as (or with) a logo. :fleur-de-lis:


Yeah Alwritey… I also love most of the designs. Seeing the disconnect between some names and logos is kind of disappointing. Having a small say (even it is rejected) will certainly be appreciated. Thanks for your valuable contribution!


Yes, as a logo designer, I do agree with Purr. Designs should improve and strictly not copied from other sources and even usage of free templates should be restricted.


Hi All - Thank you for your feedback.

All of our logos are expected to be original. If you see any logos in our Marketplace that you believe have a similar design available elsewhere, please report it to us via the Blue Button so we can investigate.

We will continue to look at ways to increase the quality of all logo designs, as we know that great logos can help attract prospective customers to each available name in our Marketplace. However, it is important to note that the majority of customers express an interest in a custom logo. Therefore, the main purpose of the logo is to present each name is an appealing and visual format.

Please remember, you do have the ability to influence the logo for each of your Marketplace names by carefully writing and selecting information you include when submitting your name to the Marketplace. The description you provide for your name will be considered when designing the logo.

If you strongly feel that the logo needs to be changed. We can accommodate those requests. But it will incur a cost. Please use the Blue Button to learn more about this option, if you’re interested.


Thanks for your response. As I am going through the names/logos attributed to me I find that the majority of them use templates. This means there are dozens of other sites/businesses using the exact template. My suggestion is that the potential customer is made aware that the logos are templates and SH can cross-sell the Logo Design services offered here.


Well,I am probably in the minority…but on the whole I am pleased with most of my logos for my names in the marketplace. One or two seem kind of generic…but most are relevant to what it is portraying. What I figured is they give an idea of what your name represents, and if the buyer wants something more custom or fancy…they always have an option to upgrade…but it’s a good place to start, and to me is better than just seeing a name without a logo.Thanks!


Thanks for your input Hollygirl… I appreciate it. I’m looking at things more from a risk:reward point of view. For me, finding good names with available .coms takes a great deal of time, energy, brainpower and effort. When I do find names many are rejected but then a few are accepted. This is part of the risk I take and the reward is SH taking these names, registering the name, packaging it with a logo and placing it on their display cabinet to be viewed by potential buyers which will generate and income for me. If the name is not packaged properly I feel it reduces the potential for reward which heightens the risk and this is currently completely out of my control. But now that I have been given the option to bluebutton certain aspects of the design, I have a little more control so the post has served a purpose for me.

I’m also thinking of the end-user and risk management for SH. There may well be buyers who purchase the name and love the logo as well. They may use the logo on their branding and if it is a template design they will not be happy at what they purchased which can give rise to a whole lot of issues.


Thanks for your comment Brandshai… appreciate your input.


I was wondering what would happen if the CH liked the name but not the logo or vice versa, do they have an option to downgrade? Or perhaps even upgrade, by saying I would like 2 other logo options? or something along those lines. It could be a potential upsell and more work for our fantastic logo creatives.


@Slogana, I think the logos in the marketplace are considered complimentary. If the purchaser likes a logo enough to use it, great, but they are only really paying for the name. If someone wanted a different logo they would have to purchase the name first, then pay to run a logo contest.


Daisy…that’s more along my line of thinking. Its more of an example of what you can do with the name,and you can go from there if you wish something more specific.


Just want to provide an example without mentioning any specific marketplace names. I currently have a 5 letter name which is abstract. It can fit in various industries but the logo is fashion related. This instantly limits the potential for the name to sell as it will only appeal to people looking for a fashion related name. The logo is currently defining what industry the name should be used in… this is a typical example of how a logo can impact the sale.


Ok…that makes sense. I guess I have gotten lucky as most of my logos are more general. I can totally understand your concern with that.


…and I’ve been really unlucky… Lol. I’m sure most of the kinks will be ironed out over the next few months.


@grant There are a good amount even from names that have already sold that come from elsewhere. in some cases just the colors have been changed, many not even that. It would take an extensive amount of time to report half of them, I do have a handful of specific examples - should the links be posted via the blue button still?


Hi Lynn - Yes. The blue button would be the appropriate place to share this information.


Thank you Grant, I appreciate the guidance. I’ve submitted those now!


Perhaps there could be an optional section when we submit or when the domain is accepted that we could add a short description of our “vision” for the logo. The number of characters or words could be limited to keep it clear, concise, and manageable. The redesign request is a nice feature, but too expensive for those of us just starting out with limited points to work with.

Without being too specific, here’s an example of the issue I’ve experienced. I gave a very detailed description of the name and it’s basis. It clearly describes a flowing, natural, and transitional sense. So my vision and expectation for a logo would incorporate a smooth flowing design. The logo I recieved doesn’t reflect the concept or description of the name. It’s chunky and choppy looking. Sharp abrupt edges that are not compatible with meaning of the name. I’m new and only have around 2,000 pts to work with so redesign wouldn’t be a reasonable option for me at this point. My listing is in the top 10% on the marketplace, but I feel it’s not performing to the full potential because the logo is unappealing and off-base.

Improving this area would benefit both the creative and SH as the goal is to attract buyers and make sales. We all want SH to excel above the competition and to be the go-to marketplace for domains.