Improved Search Suggestion

Improving search functionality is the most important thing for increasing sale conversions, for that I think that continuous optimization and improvement on search functionality is vital. And in my opinion there is a room of improvement:

1- One missing feature I find is searching for names starting or ending with a text (ex: searching for domains starting with “pro” or domains ending with “ly”)

  • I suggest adding exact match search field. sometimes you want names with exact text included not closely related names. Also I suggest adding the following options for the exact search: start with text, include text, end with text.
  • This can be just one extra row in the search left column like this:
    [ exact search text area ] (drop down list | starting with | include | ending with)

2- My second part of the suggestion is to simplify the overcrowded search left column:

  • The big list of categories can be made as dropdown list or collapsible div.
  • Domain extension and length fields should be moved outside of left column and placed below or next to the main search field.
  • Many simple touches can make big difference in the user experience, the goal of retouching the interface should be simplicity and ease of use.