Impossibility to send a message to CH

I had no problem but for 1 week or 2, I can not ask questions in a contest. I do not have the “reply” key anymore. And when I then want to send a private message to the CH, a message tells me: your account is no longer authorized to send a message.
Why, in your opinion?
It’s embarrassing for me when I want to get clarification on a contest …
Thanck you very much to read this message.:disappointed_relieved:

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@MAGKO You may have done something against the rules. Blue button admin to ask. They will let you know what happened.

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Magko, Squadhelp eliminated our ability to send private messages to contest holders while contests are open some time ago. So everyone would get that message. You can send comments on entries, but not PMs. But on public messages, you should be able to do that.

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Thank you for your response, Jackie and Commulinks.
I do not think I have said anything wrong to a CH.
I can not send public messages either.:pensive:

I think: did I commit a fault?
I see one thing: I sent a message to a CH asking him whether or not he accepts premium domains.
He told me yes.
I offered him a domain name. And he replied: ahahah! too expensive!!!
And then, my account was blocked.
If it’s because of that, it’s a shame. Maybe he thought I was making fun of him? But that is not true: I did it in all innocence.

You should Blue button it and ask, as it could just be an error. Or you may just need to explain the circumstance. They would be able to clear it up for you right away or explain. I hope it gets cleared up for you soon !!!


I have written.

I pray that the outcome will be favorable.:innocent:

Magko, we are not allowed to ask if a CH would accept premium domains. That’s against SH rules. But if that is the reason, SH would have told you.

I did not know. And as I have some difficulties with the language, make mistakes. Thank you for warning me! I will not do it anymore.
Actually, SH did not tell me anything.
I’m waiting for SH’s answer.
Thank you all for answering me!


@MAGKO Always ask SquadHelp for clarification via the blue button if you are not sure of anything, to avoid making mistakes, and to play it safe. That’s what I, and majority of us here I suppose, do. You wouldn’t want to lose your account because of a small misunderstanding or the language barrier. English is not an easy language, but you are doing just fine. Always hit the BB. Its FOC
And the SquadHelp support team are always very helpful. The best I have come across yet


I agree with you. SH always answered me when I had problems.And they are reactive. For now, I’m waiting for my answer. (With the time difference, it’s normal that I have to wait.)Thanks for the compliment. But I often use Google translation. English is a problem for me to understand technical things.:smile:

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