Important - Updates to Point System #3

Our intention for some of the recent changes to the point system was to differentially reward our best performing contestants. However, these changes seem to have created additional stress and anxiety which was not the original intention. As previously mentioned, we are committed to continuously improving our platform, and we take all your feedback seriously. Therefore, we are announcing some important changes to the point system.

The main theme of these changes is to tone down the negative/ punitive aspects of the point system while continuing to encourage those contestants who receive high ratings on their submissions. As a result, we are making adjustments on both (positive and negative) ends of the point system. Here are the specific changes:

  • 1 Star Ratings: -5 Points
  • 2 Star Ratings: 0 Points (We are eliminating the negative points for 2 star ratings)
  • 3 Star Ratings: 3 Points
  • 4 Star Ratings: 20 Points
  • 5 Star Ratings: 30 Points
  • Winning a Contest: 100 Points
  • Receiving a bonus: 75 Points
  • Participating in a Contest: 10 Points
  • Leaderboard: Those who feature in monthly leaderboard will earn 300 bonus points.

In addition, your overall point balance will never fall below 0. If you currently have a negative point balance, it will be updated to 0 shortly.

The above changes are designed to ensure that most contestants earn positive points in every contest they participate.

We appreciate your feedback, and patience as we continue to work on improving the platform. Hopefully these changes will address the concerns that many of you have shared regarding negative points. These changes are effective immediately.


Good move as names are subjective.


@Dan, So I’m curious, now that 2 star entries don’t lose points, do they still count toward our low rated entries. Like on the pie?

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Points through any change we’ve had hasn’t affected me one way or the other. But Ohhh how exciting for best entries now because using for visibility now even getting a 4 or 5 star rating you still lose points so it better be a winner!!!

@Tammy, the calculation for max entries takes into account high rated entries vs total rated entries. We don’t differentiate between 1, 2, or 3 rated entries while calculating this percentage. If you have 20 entries that were rated 4 or 5 star, and 80 entries that were rated 1, 2, or 3 stars - In this example, your high rated score would be 20% (which is calculated as 20/ 100).

For the rating pie on profile page, currently it considers 1 and 2 rated entries as “Low rated entries”, 3 as “Neutral”, and 4/ 5 as “high rated”. Let me look into this - we will consider moving the 2 rated entries to the neutral section in that chart. I will share an update shortly.


We have updated the Pie charts on user profile page. The 2 and 3 rated entries will now count towards Neutral section - only 1 star entries will count towards the Low Rated section.


@Dan a little unrelated but when a ch sees their list of names entered by contestants how is it viewed do they see the first entries submitted to the latest or do they see the newest entries first?


@seezall, they see the newest entries first but they have many tools to sort and filter these entries in a different way based upon their preference.


can they filter to see the highest ranked squad helpers first ?

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No. They can filter by high rated entries, but we don’t allow filtering of entries based upon contestant’s past ranking.


ah so the filters are for after they rank something

@Dan This is unrelated to this topic as well, but why am I unable to comment in the discussion section of contests? I opened a ticket about it, never received a reply, then when I went to check on it, it said it was closed. That was when I was actually able to comment in the discussion section too… But only after someone else did, then I could reply to their comment. I just couldn’t write my own if there weren’t any comments already or even write my own if there were comments, I had to reply to other people’s comments if I wanted to communicate with CH’s (because very few will reply to private messages). Now I can’t even do that!

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@Smoothbaby17, the comment posting feature is only available to those users who have won atleast 1 contest.