Important Updates - New Payment Methods, Chargebacks Liability & Sales Insights

We are pleased to announce the addition of new payment methods for Domain Purchases (including domains sold via WLM sites). Here are the key highlights:

New Payment Options

  • We’ve now integrated new payment options for Domain Purchases (including WLM Domains). Customers can pay via Wire Transfer as well as Crypto Currency (such as BitCoin, Ethereum etc).
  • We had previously enabled 3D Secure Payment collection on Credit Card purchases to minimize any potential fraudulent Transactions. We have now extended the 3D Secure payment methods for installment payments as well.

Chargeback Liability

  • As a result of above changes, we have updated our Terms, and removed any seller liability for Fraudulent Credit Card Chargebacks. This includes all domain purchases, including the purchases via White Label Platform.

Sales Insights

  • In order to provide a significantly higher level of transparency and insights, we have now added the ability to browse all our previously sold domains. You can search for completed sales via Age, Keywords, Industries, Syllables and many other aspects.

  • This information is currently accessible to our Silver Tier members (and above). In future, we may make this available to all sellers.

My bet is this will be published somewhere on the internet before the week is out. Are you sure you are OK with that?

Thrilled with the crypto update, thanks for that. Can we as creatives opt for crypto payment too?


The goal of sharing this information is to provide helpful information to Squadhelp Sellers, so that they can use this data while investing in domains.

While we intend to share ongoing data and insights, we hope that sellers understand that sharing such information outside SH platform makes it also accessible to our competitors who may not be sharing such level of details.

The searchable Sales database is only intended for those users who have access to it. Copying or scraping this information and sharing with others outside SH is not allowed.

Regarding Creative/ Seller Payouts via Crypto, we will explore this option in future however there are some additional challenges related to Crypto Payouts, and we will likely not be adding this option in the near future.


Question regarding the Silver Tier: do the Squadhelp registered premium domain names count towards the Silver Tier status, or only the seller owned premium domains count towards the Silver Tier? I have both SH owned and seller owned domains, but currently less than 50.


Yes they count for Silver Tier status.


I had a long wait for this, Really good and very helpful move. Thank you.


After checking, It’s not showing “All previously sold domains” and limiting me to browse 10 pages only.


Unfortunately it has come to our attention that some sellers are using scraping tools to export the list, and sharing it outside SH. This information is currently only intended for sellers with Silver status or above.

As a result, we have made some changes in how the listings are displayed. We will only show a max of 100 results at a time. All completed sales are still available in this page, however in order to see additional results, you will need to use various filters (such as Categories, Syllables, and keywords etc).


Not sure I understand… does this mean I would get paid via crypto? (do NOT want that!)


This option does not change Payouts - it is only available to buyers who prefer to purchase domains via Crypto Currency. With the recent rise in Bitcoin valuations, we are seeing a relatively higher level of interest from buyers who prefer to pay via Bitcoin or other Crypto wallets. This is the reason we’ve added this option.


Would love to get payouts via Wire, it is possible on all other marketplaces. Are you planning to make it happen?

I think it’s a great idea to add payouts via crypto. By the way, why not SH to set up its own cryptocurrency based on our activity points, e.g. SquadCoin? I am more than sure that it would become popular very quickly in “outer space” and bring additional profit to the platform.


Crypto sounds so fascinating to me and maybe my country is a little behind. It’s not used here at all. I love the idea of it and learning more about it though as it would be hitting our shores soon so it’s best to research now. Does anyone here have an insights on Cryptocurrency and where to start :slight_smile: