Important Updates - Contest Awards and Payout Withdrawal Fees


Blue Button response: “It looks like you were charged the 10% because this is a bonus payment. Bonus, and split awards are still not apart of the waved 10% fee.”
I think that bonuses, af all things, should not have this fee applied, considering it’s a very personal and directed payment from the CH to the Creative.


I thought no withdrawal fees meant no withdrawal fees. Guess I misunderstood.


Also bonuses are given when the CH buys more than one name. The winner won’t get a 10% fee, but the person who already gets jipped out of a full prize amount and merely only gets $50 will have to pay 10%. That just adds salt to the wounds.


I would like to clarify that what we have implemented is the first wave of changes which eliminates the withdrawal fees for contest awards. This addresses over 90% of payments that are made by our platform.
In future, we plan to eliminate withdrawal fees for bonus payouts as well. Our contest award payouts and bonus features have been built over several years, and therefore changing some of these workflows can take some time.

Regarding split awards, they will follow the same mechanism as the contest awards. If the contest was launched after the pricing changes were announced, any split awards from that contest will also not be subject to the 10% withdrawal fees.

We may need to collect a small fee from the contest holders for the bonus payment because each payment collected on our platform incurs two way payment gateway costs (once for collecting the initial payment, and then for sending it to creatives). We will make an announcement as soon as these changes have been completed.


Thanx grant and hope to join in more contest u have godbless


thank you very much, i am very happy


Hi everyone, I’m somehow new on this platform, I really appreciated SH for giving me a full access.
I salute all the creative for the hard work, we’re on e of a kind in our community. @Grant, thanks for the updates.
My salutations to all creatives once again.

We creatives are the backbone of all great businesses out there.
Our contributions transformed the world.

“I believe every creative is a winner”

Our shots might not just get through the mind of the right CH.

Thank you all, much love :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Thank you @infinitesimalpro. Same to you :slight_smile: