Important Updates - Contest Awards and Payout Withdrawal Fees


Hi Grant! Again, that’s really good news, thank you. At the same time, what about the 10% from the past contests? Should we just forget about them? I’d wrote about it 6 days ago but didn’t get any response from you or anybody else from the team (unfortunatly not the first time when my post/ideas about the site were left without notice). Have a great weekend everybody!


@KacperFilip This change is not retroactive, and only applies to contests that are launched with the new pricing structure. To further clarify, if a contest was launched prior to this change going live, and is awarded in future, that payout will still be subject to the 10% withdrawal fee as per the original Terms.


@grant Wow. That’s a good news. But i feel concerned about SH, how will SH earn since there’s no morr removal of 10%.


Squadhelp charges fees for running the contests that are separate from the prize amount. I’m sure those fees can be adjusted to compensate for not charging withdrawal fees, if needed.


Wow, I’ve been MIA for a while due to some deaths and stress in my life, but this is wonderful news.


In the same boat. A streak of wins and then nothing for two years. Stopped doing it for a while and then went back to it last week and instantly won a contest. As long as you enjoy doing it, go for it. But when it stops being fun, it might be time for a break.


So sorry to hear of your stresses and such…makes getting the update extra uplifting for you.Blessings and Prayers for you and your loss⚘


Thank you SH, this means alot to us creatives


Thank you dear :two_hearts: and yes it’s all about the little things. Hopefully this is a sign of a prosperous 2020 for all of us.


Well Im happy to hear this even though I havent won anything yet. Also have had family issues preventing my creativeness but, I now will have to work through it cause I need to win something.

Thanks kindly,


I entered a contest of 100 dollars and not even minding the price, I realized that I can’t submit entry, @grant could it be glitch from SH or what? At first I don’t understand why it’s 100 dollars, and why can’t I send in name.


Some contests are limited to Tier A creatives only, maybe that is the case? Yes, there are $100 contests that are Tier A only, I have no clue why that is possible.


It could be just glitch. I get this once in a while …just BB and they’ll resolve soon enough


Usually when this pops up on min ,I just refresh page.It has always fixed it for me.


Fantastic news Grant. I took a break for a while. Thanks for giving me another reason to spend more time here.


Wow. Thank you so much.


Hello @grant!
It seems the bonuses from contests started after feb 7nd are still subject to the 10% withdraw fee.


There are some new $100 contests, is that intentional or a glitch in the system?


I think it started on Fri Feb 7 or Mon Feb 10. Grants post that said it was now live …says it was posted 13 days ago.


Thanks. I corrected the “2nd” of feb in my comment to “7th” (13 days ago is the 7th).
The contest I received bonus for started on the 10th. So no fee should be applied.