Important Updates - Contest Awards and Payout Withdrawal Fees


Thanks SH! It’s like Christmas in January ~ what a great way to start the new year :slight_smile:


< :running_woman: Runs to enter even more projects, while the “Legends” - (looking at you, Clinks - :rofl:) are in here tossing out Kudos >

But seriously, thanks SH, for a much-appreciated “New Year Boost” :sunglasses:


@ Iranelle always considered you a contender


@ Grant, when I name, 90 percent of the time, I have a vision for a possible ad ca.paign. Perhaps in the future, there could be something there. Also perhaps a social medi


Thank you, Slogana! It’ s a great honor for me to hear that! I wish I could consider myself a strong namer as you may think of me :slightly_smiling_face:. I have a very high opinion of your work too. In every sense of the word, many of your names are real pieces of gold. You are a dedicated professional.


I wish I could get more excited. Right now I am debating on whether I should even continue. It’s been two years since I have had a win. I have been loved/shortlisted and then zapped. I am on here daily, my names are good names. So how is it that I have not had a single win in two years ? I refuse to put in 30 names in a contest that are going to be just thrown in making 99% of them bad quality. I actually take my time to think about what the client is looking for. I wish I knew what on earth has changed that I am not winning a thing, I could not be more discouraged. :wilted_flower:


I think the influx of new creatives might have something to do with it. Lots more competition than a few years ago . There is actually a video on YouTube making the rounds about SH. Clickbait telling people they can make $500 a day JUST typing names. If it were only that easy lol


I think one of the biggest hurdles is that you can’t really read a CH’s mind. There are so many variables for a name. It’s like winning the lottery to get the exact right words or phrase that they are hoping for. And sometimes when you think you have found the perfect name, it’s already taken as a domain name…


I need more explanation on this please, does it mean if I have money now in my account and wait till the update go live the 10% won’t be deducted or it will be deducted but subsequent earnings will not? Just curious to know


Excellent!!! :slight_smile:


If you win the contest before the start date you still pay 10% on those winnings. Not when you withdraw it.


Do you pay for every withdrawal another 10% or just one fee for all the withdrawals? If it’s for every withdrawal I’ve made, win or lose, I will have to win a lot of contests before I will ever collect any winnings. When I have early access, it says I need to pay 25 points for that. When I withdrew from contests, it didn’t say I would be paying any fee for withdrawal. Also, I didn’t read about when I was reading about how to enter the contests. So can I assume that because there wasn’t any warning that my entries were submitted after the change? The system would have warned me in advance, right?


@Imagine_This Are you referring to withdrawing entry names from a contest? If so, you do not get charged anything. This is unrelated to entries,

This thread is about when you WIN a contest and have money paid to your account, there is currently a 10% fee to withdraw the money to your paypal or payoneer account. (which they will be changing to no withdrawal fee very soon.)


10% works out to 10% whether you withdraw each win as soon as you get it or let it accumulate and withdraw once a month etc. Does that make sense?
Example: you win 3 contests at $100= $300 would be $30 fee
if you took the money as soon as you get it on one contest…$100…would be $10 fee


@grant This is great, thank you. I have something on my mind, any chances that - in any way/system - we will get 10% from every contest we had won already? I know that there’s no law which works backwards, but if there’s a reason (s) to make this particular change now, why do we have to forget about the money we should - in my opinion - get in the first place? I know that as a whole, we are talking here about big amount of money, so for example what about getting that money in a system: one win - full money from that contest + 10% from one of the previous contest.


Counting it till today makes it the 10th days, any update @grant


LOL This shows how off track you can be! Thanks for clearing that up! Yes. I can see that this is a great bonus for us as creatives.


Happy news !!! Thanks!!!


Since these changes cover a large section of our website, they are taking a bit longer than expected. We are targeting to have these completed in the next few days. We will make an announcement when these changes are live (likely later this week)



The new pricing changes are now live. Any contests that launch from this point forward will not be subject to the 10% withdrawal fee.

In addition to removing the 10% withdrawal fee, we have also made some changes to the contest package prices, and have included some additional SH validation services in certain packages. For example, our Gold package now includes a complimentary Trademark report by a Licensed Trademark attorney, which was previously only offered in Platinum package.

We will continue to test the new pricing, and will continue to make additional pricing changes from time to time to ensure that we continue to receive a good flow of naming contests.