Important - PayPal Account Verification - Creatives

Squadhelp Creatives,

To minimize fraudulent payouts, moving forward we will only make payouts to verified PayPal accounts.

Please follow this link to learn more about how to verify your account:

We will send this message out as a chat message to all active users shortly.


Hi Grant
What will you need as verification once we have clicked your link and followed instructions? Will you need a screen shot of something from the summary page on our Paypal? Or will details of what you need tbc in the chat message you will send out? Thanks!

@Marye5 - This is something that will be checked when the payment is processed. Payments will not be completed to non-verified accounts.

Thank you for getting back on about this. Although I’m a bit confused. .still appreciate your response. According to your original post you said you guys would be sending further info via chat message. Will that be provided per an individuals request for pay out? Sorry things aren’t always clear cut in my mind :confused:

Whenever we need additional actions or information to process a payout, we will work with individual creatives directly to resolve the issue. If you do not hear from us directly, you’re all set, and no additional action need to be taken :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion.


Thank you Grant. .that removed the fog :wink: