Important - New Profile Image Policies


It has come to our attention that certain creatives may be using profile pictures which may be in violation of copyright laws. As a result, we are announcing a new policy about usage of profile photos. Please take immediate action to comply with this policy. We will also be sending this announcement via messaging to all creatives.

  1. In order to encourage transparency, we strongly encourage you to use your own photo as a profile picture.
  2. If you are not comfortable using your own photo, you are allowed to use other images such as Landscapes, Pets, Quotes, etc. However in that case, you must ensure that you are legally allowed to use that image. Specifically, the image must be a Royalty Free image (with no attribution requirements) or you must have legally acquired a license to use that image.
  3. You are not allowed to use the image of a different person as your own profile picture. If your profile picture includes people, one of them must be you.

Any violation of this policy can lead to further action, so please ensure you are compliant as soon as possible.


I’ve applied for a license to use my preferred avatar but in the meantime, I have changed to a royalty-free image.


Sadly replaced my grand daughters picture with my little minture pony mommy and her baby:)in order to be compliant . Thanks for the heads up@grant!)

PS: she loved that she was my avatar lol. She will be equally excited that I chose the ponys. She’s a little farm gal:)


Grant: I’m honestly not sure if my image (it’s a cartoon) is compliant or if it’s not.I made it myself elsewhere.
My suggestion is to give a heads up to any creatives whose pictures are not in compliance and a date that they need to be changed by. To be honest, (and I have a feeling I speak for others though I don’t know that for sure,) I don’t want my real picture on the site.
Please remember that not all creatives read this forum. I’m totally OK with the site assigning something generic to me. Maybe an “A” or whatever. Again, I suggest e-mails to the offending parties and a date to comply by. Thanks!


@Marye5 - This is greatly appreciated. Snap a selfie with you and your granddaughter next time you see her and use that.

Here is my Facebook image of me and my son. You could certainly do something like this:


Thanks @Grant. .you look much better than me. :smiley:Think I will stick with the ponys :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if mine is compliant or not either. I got it from a website for cell phone backgrounds. How can we find out if we’re compliant?


My picture is actually me. As far as I know, I own the rights to me. (Maybe I should check with my kids and hubby about that because it sometimes doesn’t feel that way.) LOL!!!

People could use their own photo but use one of those apps to alter it! There’s lots of ways to use your photo without really using it. Would that be allowed, Grant? Are people allowed to use photos of themselves as kids or in costumes, etc? Just trying to give ideas…


I don’t know how to find out either…how can we tell?


Section #3, if the photo is of another person, then you can’t use it.


It’s not of a person. It’s just a water rose. But I didn’t create it myself. The website I got it from had a ton of images available to use on cell phone/tablet backgrounds but I don’t know about using it as an online profile pic?? I don’t recall the name of the website I used. I just googled iPad backgrounds and saved some I liked from a random website a couple years ago.

So I don’t know…I guess I’ll just change…even tho I don’t want to :confused:


Awh! Grant your little man is adorable!!!


I have no idea whether my avatar is ‘trademarked’. It was a make your own avatar from a place that is no longer active


The little guy is adorable, who’s that goof ball with him? :wink:


[quote=“LauraE, post:14, topic:2211”]
The little guy is adorable[/quote]
I know, right? - LURVE the cool hats! :sunglasses:


Defintely a fashion icon!


Unfortunately, we can not provide legal guidance or opinion on checking the ownership of images being used by you. You would need to check the original source from where you got the image. If that source offers a royalty free license for that image without any attribution requirement to them, then you should be okay.

However if you simply copied an image from somewhere on the internet, without an explicit license, then it is likely that you do not have the rights to that image and you should not be using it.

If you are unsure, it is better to change it.

We recommend using your own photo, but if you prefer to use something else, we recommend going to a Royalty Free image site, and using one of those images which do not have any licensing or copyright restrictions.


@Commulinks - Yes. Any of the options you suggested are fine.


I just received written permission from the photographer to use my original avatar–yay! (Although I would have been more excited if I had received it BEFORE I paid for a license on my new alternate.)

Do I need to send a copy of that notice to someone at Squadhelp, or should I just hold onto it in case someone asks?


That’s cool, GeniusWaitress - I really like your avatar! :sunglasses: