Important Changes - Marketplace


The only stakeholders who benefit from the $1 submission fees are the marketplace owners and the sellers who built a large portfolio with the help of free submissions. No mater how you look at it, there is no benefit for the small sellers looking to build or grow a portfolio on SH.


Thank you all for your feedback. Few clarifications:

  1. Basic or Basic Plus listings do not require any Squadhelp coins. You should be able to upload them as Bulk or individually without needing any coins.
  2. With the additional Basic Plus/ Searchable option, we expect the overall approval rate to increase because it will allow us to approve additional names in the Marketplace, while still maintaining a curated focus.
  3. We do plan to add additional options in future to purchase Squadhelp Coins at a discounted price by using your Squadhelp points.

We understand the feedback regarding the upfront fees - and we’ve made every effort to avoid such fees until now. However there are 3 key reasons that have made it necessary to introduce these changes:

  • Currently, a seller could add hundreds of domains to the Marketplace (which would require thousands of dollars of investment by SH in creating Logos and Advertising those names), and they can decide to remove the domains within 30 days by simply giving a 7 day notice. While we want to give as much flexibility as possible to the sellers, we believe having an upfront fee would allow us to work with those sellers who are looking for a longer term partnership. In order to offset these fees, we have reduced our commission rates to 30% because we are not looking at these upfront fees as an incremental revenue generation opportunity.

  • We are currently receiving significant volume of submissions every day and while our goal is to continue to expand our Marketplace, we have decided to manage that growth in a way that allows us to continue to maintain high sell through rates for our sellers. By adding an upfront fee, we believe we will grow at a more measured pace, which is ultimately beneficial to sellers on our Marketplace.

  • We continue to hear from several sellers that our Marketplace commissions are “higher” than other brandable Marketplaces. Most other Brandable marketplaces charge some sort of upfront fees in addition to a selling commission, and we believe these changes will allow sellers to compare our commissions more easily with other Marketplaces.

Ultimately, our key goal is to continue to offer the best sell through rates in the industry to our sellers, even if it means slowing down our Marketplace growth slightly. At the same time, we are committed to ramping up our Advertising investments even more in order to continue to bring more exposure to the domains published in the Marketplace.


Update…I bluebuttoned this and I guess there was a glitch,which has been corrected. A coin is not required for basic listings…whew!


I quit submitting my names to the marketplace,as they were getting no exposure. The same handful of names seemed like were getting all the focus,while I had good names languishing in never neverland. I feel even more reluctant now,as now there is a fee\cost involved. Why pay to list names that never get promoted,and therefore never sell? Unless I’m totally missing something,and need someone to educate me. Thanks


Request to have OPTION to revert to old commission rates minus upfront fees.

Sellers submitting hundreds of domains? AFAIK, the less domains I have with SH, the LESS I get to submit in the first place. So the problem isn’t coming from members who are actually trying to build a portfolio here, but those already having plenty of published domains here.

And for the case about “removing names after 30 days”? Don’t you already have a rule that would’ve prevented this in the first place if it were actually enforced? That “no mass delisting” rule? Penalize THOSE people, NOT everybody else!


I even tried not to delist my names when I couldn’t pay for the expiring domains, selling them to anybody who wanted them, and instead I get further limitations. Why should the ones who are really trying to follow the (already restrictive) rules be punished for the actions of others??



As the changes are already applied, This will definitely decrease the volume of domain submissions, And therefore, SH should allow sellers to freely submit any number of domains they got. As it will have more space to review the submissions than usual. It is for the benefit of sellers that have large portfolios. And also for creatives who’d like to submit a higher number of unregistered domains.

For example, A seller/creative should be able to add 100 domain submissions at once instead of being limited to 20 submissions.


I’m completely dissatisfied with the new “upfront fees” structure! Maybe it’s time for us to leave Squadhelp! :cold_sweat:


And… Advertising domain names?? This argument again?? Every time I search my SH domains on Google all I see is SH. How can this be true?? Advertising SH is NOT the same as advertising each domain name SEPARATELY.


If volume of submissions is an issue, then why do you charge $1 for submitting an unregistered domain which the seller wants to register and charge $0 for submitting the same unregistered domain with the option of SH registering the domain?

It seems SH prefers to register the approved, unregistered domains themselves and take a higher cut of the sale price as opposed to the seller registering the approved, unregistered domains.


I’ve always expected and suspected this a very long time ago when SH first started opening up the premium marketplace.


Grant, is it that you guys cannot identify those who engage in mass delisting? If so, I can help, but in exchange please revert to the old system with no submission fees.


Thank you all for your feedback. As stated previously, these changes are not meant to add a new revenue line for SH.

If sellers believe that they will end up paying more to SH as a result of this change, we are happy to offer both the options to sellers as long as they meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have a minimum of 25 names published in the premium domain marketplace
  • Your account is in Good Standing (i.e. no violations of our policies)
  • You have not delisted an excessive number of domains from the Marketplace
  • Your Marketplace approval rate is greater than 5%.

In that case you will be able to set your commission preference from your Marketplace dashboard (whether to pay an upfront $1 review fee or continue to list your domains at the original commission rates without paying the upfront fee)

You should see this option in your Marketplace dashboard within the next 1-2 days.


SquadHelp is a crazy game with rules that keep getting more convoluted and abusive. Sellers won’t accept this, we have better options


It’ll be a huge loss for many people, let’s say, I purchased 10 domains for each 10$, which means 100$, and I need to pay additional 10$ fee as upfront fee for submission, [total 110$],

so as per their bad acceptance rate, if they just accept only 1 domain out of 10, then around like 100$ loss for me! :frowning:


So you guys are now mimicking ■■■■■■■■■■■. Might as well stick with ■■■■■■■■■■■ going forward. If you want to stand out, then only charge the $1 fee when the domain is accepted. It will feel less like a cash-grab that way. Either way, you’ll lose submissions altogether with this new.


“You have not delisted an excessive number of domains from the Marketplace”

Can you explain what does it mean? What is an "excessive number?


@grant, I always supported your endeavors, but introducing $1 per domain submitting is too much. This venture kills the uniqueness of the site. To fight with those who withdraw their premium domains from the sale, fines up to $200 should be introduced so that there is no temptation to flip domains back and forth. Over the past few months, not one of my requests has been satisfied, which means that paying every time $1 is not a guarantee that the domain will be accepted into the premium market


I was hyped until I read the new submissions cost… Why not limit the amount of daily/weekly submissions based on your acceptance rate? Don’t be like BB… That stinks!


I’m curious about this thing here: How will I even know if my account is “in good standing”? I know I’ve made some mistakes a few times, but what I would consider as ‘minor’ might end up being perceived as “HUGE” by SH. So how do I know this? Is MY account “still in good standing”? And for those who did make mistakes as well, are THEIR accounts “still in good standing”?