Important Changes - Basic Listing Commissions


We are pleased to announce that we have decided to significantly reduce the Basic Listings commissions from 15% of selling price (with $300 minimum) to 7.5% of selling price (with $100 minimum). These changes are expected to be live within the next 24 hours.

We will automatically adjust the commission for already listed Basic domains from 15% to 7.5%.

As a recap, you receive the following benefits with Basic listings:

  • Squadhelp assisted Payment Escrow and white-glove domain transfer service
  • 24 X 7 customer support (including live chat) to assist Buyers with the purchase/ inquiries and domain transfer process
  • Negotiations with buyers on your behalf.
  • Highly optimized landing page
  • Ability for potential buyers to search for these listings via a separate Marketplace section on
  • Ability to submit these names to hundreds of naming contests (in lieu of contest award)

In addition to above changes, we plan to offer an additional searchable option for Basic Plus listings. More will be announced in the near future.


Thank you @grant, this is very much appreciated.

Are you willing to reconsider the minimum price amount on Basic listings? Not Basic Plus obviously as they can be entered into contests for the actual listed price.

I’m asking because I’d like a landing page for certain names that I don’t intend to enter into contests. I already have a ‘target’ in mind to email but because of the restricted price I’m using NameSilo as landing pages for the majority of these. I would much rather have the white glove service that SH provides.

Thanks for your consideration.


@AbleBrands Thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to the $100 minimum commission for SH or the maximum price that is allowed for Basic listings ($1799)?


The maximum price that is allowed $1,799. Thanks @grant. Sorry for not being clearer.