Impatiently Waiting for A Chosen Winner

I believe that trademark contests should be in a separate category. There should be longer dates and a higher prizes.


Can we get your opinion here @grant ?

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Here is grants answer on
Contest Extensions & Award Distribution:

As stated previously, there are many reasons that can cause a delay in winner selection. Some companies have internal approval committees, others have regulatory requirements, while many like to perform extended testing and validation of their names before moving forward with a name. In some countries, it takes several weeks just to get an initial confirmation that a business name can be registered.

At this point we do not plan to change our policies for winner selection or contest extensions however we will continue to look for additional ways to work with the contest holders in helping them close the contests on a timely basis.


So may I ask what other different ways to adress this issue you’re looking for right now, as there were plenty of different ideas suggested, yet, it seems that all of them were rejected? And when we shall expect those different ways to come to life? @grant


As per our policies, CHs are not allowed to use a name (i.e. register a domain or file a Trademark) without compensating the creative.

As stated previously, there are valid reasons for CHs to take additional time to select a winner. In addition, there are situations where a response from CH is required before a contest can be awarded.

As always, we will continue to look for ways to improve all aspects of our platform, including winner selection. However at this point, there are no plans to make any changes to these policies.

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Another naming site I participate in gives the client 7 days to choose, then splits the prize between two creatives if they don’t. I definitely agree that SH should do something to prevent contests dragging on for months and months. Especially when you see the number of registered domains creeping up each month…?!?


I have been on SH just over a year now, and contests dragging on for months and months was probably one of the biggest surprises I encountered getting into the contests. I understand all the issues, like group decisions, audience evaluations, trademarks etc etc. But I have seen many contests just seemingly drift on for month after month, and the CH info (bottom right on the contest page) shows that the CH hasn’t even been active on this contest for a long time. So why are these contests allowed to drag on like this?


I’ve been here for 14 months and, for the very first time, I’m really starting to loose interest. Some things just don’t make sense anymore. Some CH’s keep asking for more ideas. I ( we?) sometimes end up submitting hundreds to a few contests…
" I’ll choose the winning name in the next few days"
We wait and wait and wait…months.
Hmmmm… Nope, it’s not worth it.
I’m not saying I am leaving SH for good but the enthusiasm is gone. Some people are lucky and smart enough to win several a month. Kuddos to them. I am not one.
Good luck to everyone :slightly_smiling_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also SH won’t miss people who leave. The amount of new creatives joining the platform is, to say the least, overwhelming.


I fully agree that this is the main thing that gets frustration going and when the requirements for the name changes everytime names are submitted and then the CH just looks at the name and doesnt rate, kinda defeats the purpose of the SH rating us and also that playing a vital role in what contests and the amount of entries can be submitted per Creative.
I do feel that this needs to get looked at, that the CH should be prompted to at least rate the name and CH should have a limited amount of Draft changes that he or she could do on the original draft.



I don’t know. You may want to think about this. I agree with the not changing the brief many times and then down rating everyone that doesn’t any longer fit the requirements and thereby penalizing the people that had previously probably matched up to what had been asked. So I agree that maybe there should be another RATING ‘no longer fits’ and it not be a penalizing rating.

Otherwise, I wonder how many people … if we do something to make them rate all of the time and everything else … will then be complaining at how many more negative ratings they are getting. This is an iffy issue. To be fair, I rather no rating at all in a lot of situations versus negative ratings.

Remember … be careful what you ask for. May not like the alternative either.


Recently, when submitting a couple of names to a contest, I received a message from the CH implying / suggesting a minor change to those same names…
Let’s say my name was “skinny duck” ( on right track ). He suggested " Skinny Ducky"… I submit 3 more names along the line of his particular directions…
3 seconds later:
“No, thank you”
“No,thank you”
“No,thank you”
🤸🤸🤸🤹🤹🤹:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: :turtle::hugs::dizzy_face:


What’s the site? :shushing_face::smirk::wink:

I really like our platform. Except for what is called percentile. I only agree that ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ are simply necessary for split wins. But they are absolutely not needed to assess percentile. Sometimes the CH evaluates the entries immediately and then is gone. If I participate later, I can’t get good grades anymore. In addition, there is such a thing as luck. Many people do not win the lottery, do not get good grades, but live quite successfully. Some people at school had good grades, but now they are on the sidelines of life. Ratings are not the most reliable indicator. This is especially true for creative work.For me, an important indicator of professionalism is the number of wins, for example, in six months. SH needs to build on it. Because it comes to the point of absurdity. Among the accounts there are many those where there are no wins, but their percentile is very high. But old-timers with Tier A status and low percentile, are put in an uncomfortable position ahead of time and have fewer entries. If all our work is entirely based on the percentile, then we need to simplify its algorithm so that everyone can work comfortably. For example, remove CH blocks from his calculation. Or It needs to cancel the percentile for everyone who has reached Tier A. It’s my personal opinion.


Well, I don’t need any more competition, but it’s called NamingForce. :wink: Have fun!

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I’ve only been here 1 month but I’ve been browsing around the SH community forums since being here and have read posts and replies from years back. They all read the same. The feedback and suggestions for improvement I see currently, is the same as it was back when SH started.
I’ve definitely come across some great improvements and praises from people who have been here from the go, as well. Don’t get me wrong. But I’ve also noticed feedback that makes me feel discouraged knowing I (a newbie) have the same suggestions for improvement as others have had since the start.
That said, I know SH does what it can to improve and make this the best site out there. I understand there’s lots of limitations and aspects to what they are capable of changing and doing. I’m sure if they could improve something, they would.


As a newbie with no wins and 86% I have to disagree @Edukar

And you can bet I dang sure earned that Tier A status amongst all you seasoned winners and old timers. :wink:
It’s not as easy to achieve as you imply.

This link talks about how % is based on more than just good ratings…

Making CH’s ratings a part of what determines score isn’t such an absurd thing. This is, after all, about the CHs and what they think.

I work with CHs, clarify briefs, constantly check for updates and feedback, enter contests daily, so on. I earn those good ratings through work, communication, connection.
Is this not how you gained Tier A status and/or won contests?

You see, I could have the same sentiment as you toward winning portfolios and say that you oldtimers have low % and hardly no good ratings yet you all still win! lol :wink:
It balances out.

You said ratings do not indicate the greatness of creativity, yet later go on to say that the number of wins DO. This is contradicting, and unfair. Good ratings are determined and given by CHs, and so are the wins. We both earned what we have in the same way.

Now that you have a win, you want to make % and contest accessibility catered to winners only? That would feel really unfair if all you seasoned creatives and multi-time winners had seniority over me just because you’ve won before. That sounds like an unnecessary hierarchy.

I’m of the opinion and experience that % is calculated fairly, and wins do not equal professionalism.

I look up to all you seasoned winners and can’t wait til I’m in that bracket myself.


Sorry, colleague, but this phrase “wins does not equal professionalism” is the most absurd of all that I have heard in my life. From your words it follows that you can be a super professional, work for days and nights, but still can not achieve the result. And I argue that this is fundamentally the wrong approach. As long as you have a high rating, you will never understand those who have it lower. I sincerely hope that when you find yourself in the ranks of Tier A winners, do not lose your percentile. Unfortunately, we are not disclosed a calculation algorithm that depends on many other factors that, fortunately, are unknown to you. Good luck in the contest!


I struggled to maintain Tier A until I got my 20th win. It’s hard to stay above XX% if you do this just as a hobby, like I do. The reason is that tier status was introduced when I was already on SH for a few years. My rating was not so good, even though I had 10+ wins. With all respect to newbies, from the start it was my opinion that Tier A shouldn’t be given to people with less than 5 awarded or split contests. Splits are not that difficult to get, but they show your dedication to the platform, that’s why I say 5 wins or splits :slight_smile:

My friend, I am writing about deeper things. For three years I also achieved the status of Tier A. However, a new system based on percentile belittles our merits. The less percentile you have, the fewer records you can offer, even though you have Tier A. status. That’s what I meant. If this is your hobby, and not the main job, then the percentile will become less and less. I vote for professionalism. Tier A status based on wins is professional. Subjective grades - no. And the current entries system is based on percentile.I do not understand why a beginner should have more rights than someone who has been devoted to the SH for many years.


I would really like to discuss this at length because there are so many factors not being taken into account, but there’s not much I can say that hasn’t been brought up in the past. There are a few though, so here it goes … Wanting to do what you’re suggesting would have a lot more unneeded consequences. But, we’ve all discussed this at length before … and several times. The system is what it is. It has it’s faults … but nothing is going to be perfect. All I can suggest is to realize that percentiles are older than three years, firstly. Secondly, you’re being pitted against the majority with your percentile. If you do when when the majority is not … you will have a higher percentage. If you do badly when the majority is doing well … you will have a lower percentage. If you stay at par or are careful what you do, where you put yourself, etc … your percentage will stay the same. If you’re banned from contests your percentile will dive drastically. If you win a contest your percentile will increase a bit. There are so many factors here. Plus I will also tell you that SH never meant this to seem as a ‘job’ anyhow. Sure, a lot of us use it as such, but it was never meant to be as a way to convey there is guaranteed income or guaranteed anything. The majority of people … again … what SH uses as it’s base for percentile flux … do NOT use SH as a 24/7 thing. So if you do, nothing wrong with that, but your numbers are also going to swing more because of that. You’re doing more entries, you’re doing more contests, etc … so you get more ratings and those ratings may not always be good. The more active you are when you already have a lower percentile … and the more negatives you stack because of that … your percentile is not going to climb as fast. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. But that also makes sense as to why entries at that point get limited. Because if you had a lot of entries and a lot still were negative, you’re going to nosedive. But … if you use those more limited entries and do your research and aim for high ratings when other people aren’t maybe doing so well … your percentile will go back up again. Again, numbers. Again coming from someone that doesn’t necessarily agree that it reflects ability, knowledge, or anything else. Naming is an art, to me. Art is subjective. Everyone’s going to have different opinions. Best way to look at it … you’re here. You’re able to be here. Do the best you can with what you have and what you can get. The same any of us are doing. I’m not going to judge if you actually know what you’re doing or not, I’d very much prefer an algorithm and number or anyone else not judging me either. I could be more professional than any of you know (I’m probably not but this is just for example) and anyone else could as well. But SH doesn’t assume who the professional is or not. I prefer it that way. I prefer to not make it even more judgmental than everything already makes it. Everything wholly here is based upon opinions and opinions vary drastically. We’re all just trying to do what we can with or without inside or even outside knowledge.

Also Tier A status is based concurrently and independently upon both … you can achieve tier a with percentile … you can achieve tier a based upon wins … they both can work together as well. The number of entries has nothing to do with Tier A. Your percentile determines your number of entries. Yes because you can earn tier a after 20 wins you can have tier a and a limited number of entries. The two are not linked other than tier a can also be achieved by a higher percentage. And, as I addressed, percentage can vary dramatically based upon participation, your ratings versus the majority, and the majorities ratings against your own. A percentage is a daily, weekly, and monthly challenge … numbers. Numbers of you … versus and with the majority. These things are only linked so much together. Just focus on raising your daily, weekly, and monthly percentile and you’ll soon have access to more entries.