Impatiently Waiting for A Chosen Winner

I have been impatiently waiting for a lucrative Cha-Ching. :crossed_fingers: :money_mouth_face: I seem to get skipped over each opportunity, each month. Say it ain’t so! Sooo I have a Shortlist ( very few ) still waiting on picking a winner… its been over three months!

Wondering what is longest time, any of you all have waited, for a contest holder to finally pick a winner? Or dare I say, CANCEL the contest!? :confounded:


Like 3 months, at least.


Thanks @ALDaisy1 for letting me know im not alone and barely just begun to wait LOL

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I have waited that long, maybe four months to be honest. Hang in there, something should happen soon.


Thanks @memorabletitles for the well wishes, 4 months is a long time!

There was one… I swear it was like 9 months… they didn’t have a shortlist, just like 7 on the right tracks. It lasted forever!


I got one for three now making me nuts. I thought it was thirty days, then maybe 45. I also had one where I was the only one on the the darn list so I though even if they cancel, I should have it, I waited forever on a trademark check. How I wonder, when they wait so long do they know someone else wont register it by chance? My one biggie disappeared today. I’m assuming they went with something else, because trademark issue? The point is there is no way to know. I know some companies have boards ect, but it seems like we should have a better sense, next months meeting, how long a trademark check actually takes, a notification somethin. I’m starting to think Id rather not know about shortlist at all and just check once a month. Also on some of my kachings I might get two bucks…honestly amazed you guys are getting any big ones at all.


This is perhaps one of the best reasons to enter quite a few contests that you’re able to enter well, with a few good names for each. That way, you have a constant stream of things in the hopper, and you’re not depending on one or two contests to get paid from immediately.


Methinks Squadhelp requiring Contest Holders to choose a winner within 24 hours of the close of the contest would eliminate this. Especially sine Contest Holders have been seeing and rating the names for a good several days beforehand.

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24h is definetly not enought, but - in my opinion - 30 days should do it. If there’s no selected winner by CH by that time, SH should split the award on the spot. No additional extentions, no different cases like “we will award one contest like that and in other case, we let it sit for 5 months on the shelve”. Clear rules for everybody should be really helpful and make CH understand their responsibility in starting the contest & everything what’s attached to it in the first place. Personally, I would love to see the elimination of the un-guaranteed contest. Every single one should be guaranteed, period.


I second you @KacperFilip. One month and no further will at least give us some closure (if not $) for our best creative pieces.


Totally agree, and there is no need for bimonthly cachings, it should be done on the 31st day after the contest closes.


First of all, it isn’t clear to me how to start a thread in this forum. So here I am. I have lots of questions, but first: how long to wait before first sale?

In order to start a new thread you go back to the main page where it shows all the threads.
In the upper left hand corner is a button marked “New Topic”.

Now as far as how long you should wait before a first sale confuses me.
Do you want to know how long before you’ll get paid?
How long you should keep a name in the marketplace?

Correct that…New Topic button is in the upper right had corner of your screen

In the marketplace or in a contest?

Still don’t see it anywhere on the screen

Let’s try this:

  1. In premium
  2. Basic plus
  3. Contests

The answer to 1 & 2 is “it depends” … we are not given an average time on when names sell. Some people have sold names within days of listing them…others have names that don’t sell for over a year. This is not a quick money game.

On contests: Most contests don’t declare winners until at least 30 days after the contest closes. So if you have shortlists, you will start seeing the winning settlement in about 30 days. Sometimes longer…


I completely over agree with you… Splits should be done on the spot after 30 days.Please @grant consider this… Additional extensions and dates are frustrating. I have contests in my watchlists reaching over 2 months ago and didn’t get splitted.