Impatiently Waiting for A Chosen Winner


I have been impatiently waiting for a lucrative Cha-Ching. :crossed_fingers: :money_mouth_face: I seem to get skipped over each opportunity, each month. Say it ain’t so! Sooo I have a Shortlist ( very few ) still waiting on picking a winner… its been over three months!

Wondering what is longest time, any of you all have waited, for a contest holder to finally pick a winner? Or dare I say, CANCEL the contest!? :confounded:


Like 3 months, at least.


Thanks @ALDaisy1 for letting me know im not alone and barely just begun to wait LOL


I have waited that long, maybe four months to be honest. Hang in there, something should happen soon.


Thanks @memorabletitles for the well wishes, 4 months is a long time!


There was one… I swear it was like 9 months… they didn’t have a shortlist, just like 7 on the right tracks. It lasted forever!


I got one for three now making me nuts. I thought it was thirty days, then maybe 45. I also had one where I was the only one on the the darn list so I though even if they cancel, I should have it, I waited forever on a trademark check. How I wonder, when they wait so long do they know someone else wont register it by chance? My one biggie disappeared today. I’m assuming they went with something else, because trademark issue? The point is there is no way to know. I know some companies have boards ect, but it seems like we should have a better sense, next months meeting, how long a trademark check actually takes, a notification somethin. I’m starting to think Id rather not know about shortlist at all and just check once a month. Also on some of my kachings I might get two bucks…honestly amazed you guys are getting any big ones at all.