I'm interested in doing logo's

I have read some of the logo contests and have ideas on what to do but have no idea how to start. Any info or advice would be appreciated

I believe you have graphic design software.

Designing logos seems easy but it’s not. It’ll take time and lots of practice. You get an unending list of tutorials for free on Youtube by searching for something like “how to design logos” or “what makes a good logo”. If you are willing to fork out money then try tutorial sites like Tutsplus.com, there are many such sites. Like @AmandaWhite said, you need a software that works with vector graphics, there are free open-source software like Inkscape, but I think the industry prefer Adobe Illustrator when it comes to logos.

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Adobe illustrator would be the best option. It’s a very tough thing to perfect, but in saying that there’s only one way to get the hang of it and get better and that’s to do it and learn. I tried my hand at it and was no good and there a some terrific designers on this site. So maybe have a look at the work they have produced to get an idea.

Thanks I’ll definitely check it out :smile: