I'm confused... hyphens?

I’m confused… in regards to PC’s most recent win (congrats!) I thought we couldn’t use hyphens in domains? I know I can’t, I’ve tried.


That’s Odd??? wonder how that slipped by??? hyphens and underscores.

I was going to ask the same question because whenever ive tried it wont allow it, maybe there is an option to allow or disallow it, in which case it would be helpful if it said somewhere on the brief

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Currently if you type a name in the domain name text box, the system does not accept hyphens. However it seems if you copy and paste the name into that box from MS word, or notepad etc, it allows it. We will fix the check to make sure it is consistent regardless of how it is entered.

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it does actually mention it in the comments , but I ignored it as Ive never been able to do one in the past.

so sh another thing to add to the brief - are hyphens acceptable and are numbers acceptable

I notice more companies are actually using hyphens in domains these days

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Thanks Dan… Guess PC knew how to get around that rule. :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve tried the method Dan suggested on my laptop the other day. it didn’t work for me. So go figure!

Still confused… if hyphens are forbidden why is Dan suggesting a way around it? Or are they actually allowed? Or does it depend on the contest? Someone please clarify… thank you!

I actually asked Janice for guidance on this a couple of days back. As I could enter hyphens from my phone, but not from the computer, and she told me both were working (clearly not). But I’ve doing as @Dan says lately, copying and pasting -

but they used have suggestions written somewhere here that said dont use hyphens or spaces

you can actually use spaces as well by copy and pasting, it accepted one of mine but I removed the space before entering it

Sorry, I didnt mean to cause any more confusion. I was simply pointing out that although the system was setup to not accept hyphens, this behavior was not consistent and a copy/paste approach ended up accepting any “special characters” including hyphens.

We have now removed the restriction of hyphens, and they can now be entered directly into the domain name text box. Although you can submit names with hyphens, we recommend not to overuse this feature because usually these kind of names do not work well and will likely get rejected by the CH.

Thanks @Dan for clarifying.

I think in cases where CHs actually want hyphens in domain names they should be allowed to opt-in. Particularly at a later stage of the contest still couldn’t find anything suitable, there is a possibility that they might want to try hyphenated domains.


would it be better to have a tick box for the ch ie will you accept hyphens,numbers etc


@Kim It is strange even more so since I was able to add a hyphen to a name of mine! (not that it helped my name any :wink: