If There Is Only One "LOVE IT" rating / abandoned contests

Has anyone experienced being the creative with the only “LOVE IT” in an abandoned contest and not receiving the full award? For abandoned contests, In the rules it states , #2. If there is only one “Love it” rating, that creative will automatically be awarded the full contest prize."
It seems to me this says if there is only ONE “LOVE IT”, the creative who has the only “LOVE IT” should receive the FULL contest prize without having to split with anyone.
Is it common to have to split the award even when you are the creative with the only “LOVE IT” rating?. Thanks so much.


Hi @ZeppelinGirl!

From my understanding, the only time that the award is split if there is just one “Love It” is if there is also a creative who has had a domain registered that was submitted in that contest. It has happened to me once or twice. Hope this helps!

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Oh! So you’ve had to split the award on an abandoned contest when you had the only “LOVE IT”? That really bites. lol I think maybe they should change the wording on the rules. They’re quite misleading… Thank you for replying…

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I think I saw that one and I wondered about it, too. I hope that @Grant can clarify because I didn’t know what @acaso said. I’ve not been awarded even when I had registered domains so I wonder.

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There is a section in the Winner Selection Policy, Winner Selection and Reported Domain Policy, that states, “If a creative reports a domain, the CH does not respond to the report, and the contest is abandoned; this creative will be added to the random winner selection process.” Therefore, a contest with only one top rating could be split per this policy.

However, going forward, we will only consider the reported domains if there are more than the minimum number of creatives who qualify to split an award. For example, in case of $100 award, we will only consider reported domain if there are at least 2 creatives who are eligible to receive the split award.

We have updated the policy: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/important-sh-policies/winner-selection-policy


Hi @Grant
I guess I’m unsure what reporting a domain means. Can you explain? Thanks again for your patience. I really am just trying to understand…

Hi again @ZeppelinGirl

If a submitted name / domain is available at the time of submission but later becomes unavailable after the submission, then you can Report the domain registration with information of the registrant (I usually look mine up @ GoDaddy.com/WhoIs) and SH will check to see if the CH was the registrant. If they do not hear back from the CH, then there is no guarantee of compensation for the name. If the CH states that they registered the name, then they are obligated to pay a Bonus to you for using your submission. There is more information here: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/important-sh-policies/reported-domain-registration-policy

Hope this helped answer your question :smile:


It does help. Thank you. I was sooo confused. I’ll for sure read it.

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The abandoned contest winner selection timeline is always at our discretion. There are many factors that will cause us to postpone random winner selection. If you have a questions about a specific policy or contest, please use the catch function on all pages of Squadhelp.com. The forum is not a place to discuss specific contest.

Oh I am truly sorry :neutral_face: