Ideas for Brainstorming, Feedback, Engagement & Connection

@Seezall and @Commulinks have both reminded me that I have been wanting to get a good, engaging, insightful, and respective brainstorming session going with everyone about feedback and positive ways to grow feedback, engagement, and connection with the CHs. We started a conversation here, feel free to catch up and get on board there. But, we will continue here until we come up with some good suggestions that we can actually validly offer as suggestions to SH.

So let’s begin. We can talk about ideas and ways to utilize the instant feedback selections that the CHs have and how to positively shift direction from there. Or if those aren’t working or aren’t being enough, can you suggest questions that won’t challenge ratings and will be beneficial to all creatives in that contest and the CH as well to ask in the message center? Or can you come up with new or additional instant feedback selections (maybe even for the other ratings below Loves) that SH could include into the system for CHs to use? Or do you just have any other constructive and positive ideas that can help creatives better connect to the CHs, CHs better connect to the creatives, and how to stir up better brainstorming for the creatives to come up with better ‘connected’ results for the CHs and what they are looking for?

How can we take the limited feedback and spin it to be something positive for all of us? How can we better engage with the CHs without ‘challenging’ them? How can we better help CHs describe what they are looking for when they might not exactly what it is themselves? How can we not feel like we’re hitting a brick wall when we get certain engagements and how can we shift these into being able to continue to brainstorm? How can we all walk away with positive experiences from the engagement?

Let’s hear those ideas on instant feedback, brainstorming, and engagement questions and see what we can come up with.

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