Idea for CHs rating entries

How about we get rid of the “on the right track” and “no thank you” buttons? Bear with me… and be aware I’m primarily thinking about the CH.

  1. The CH would not be overwhelmed with having to vote for everything, or put under pressure by creatives to vote for everything. Anything they do like/love will move to the top of their list.

  2. It will stop the “seen not rated comments” by creatives, because we will expect entries seen and not voted for to be a “no thank you”.

  3. Everything else will effectively be a “no thank you” without the penalty that comes with it.

  4. The percentile score will effectively move to those that get the most likes/loves having the highest scores.

I’m just trying to think about changing peoples mindset. The CH should not be put under pressure to grade everything and the creatives shouldn’t expect every entry they submit to be graded. This would eliminate both of those issues.

It also eliminates the unfairness of the current system. Entries submitted in the first hours/day are much more likely to be graded than submissions made in later days, generally because the CH runs out of steam and eventually chooses to only vote for those entries they like/love. So anyone entering a contest early on is likely to have a voted “no thank you” against the later entrants that submit a “no thank you” but the CH hasn’t actually voted “no thank you”.



You have a very sensible suggestion that will really make life easier for creatives. Only a human will not change the essence. Those who now require ratings will demand a like: from CH 0). But seriously, I believe that the SH should be fundamentally different from many others. Including a rating system. For example, I was never helped by the mark On the Right Path. Especially when the CH generously distributed laves and likes to other creatives in the same comtest. In this case, instead of On the right track, the customer could rate as like. And what he really likes to appreciate as Love. The task of the creative is to come up with a name that suits the client. No need to overload CH with a system of rules and ratings, let’s give him a chance to choose what he likes.


This is a fantastic solution. I also do not know how the rating algorithm works, but have felt for a while that the no thank you’s effect your rating instantaneous while love’s and shortlists, does not even move it at all. Your idea sounds like gold. Thanks AbleBrands.


Thanks @AbleBrands. It’s an interesting suggestion and might just work for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the “not grading everything due to running out of steam” is definitely a big factor and I’ve seen CHs get quite annoyed at creatives for pestering them as well as other CHs who feel pressured when this is meant to be a fun experience.

Secondly, I think it might minimise the negative reactions from creatives associated with opening up their activity page only to see a list of orange faces after all their hard work. I don’t always notice when my entries haven’t been rated. I’m quite often surprised by the amount of my entries that aren’t rated and I only notice this when I go looking for past entries to submit to marketplace. :smile: I think if these had of all been graded as a “no thank you”, it would have impacted me more negatively. Everyone’s different though. This approach would match modern positive psychology practices i.e. reward the good work / what is wanted and “turn the other cheek” at what is NOT wanted.

It would be great if there was a suggested / half scripted comment by SH in the shared comments section of contests that CHs could complete and share. Something like … “I’m leaning more towards entries that…” so that CHs get a clearer expectation of how they can best communicate to Creatives to improve the quality of entries submitted to them. The CH could either complete the rest of the sentence themselves OR fill in some boxes i.e. have X number of syllables, use words from other languages, use correct spelling, use metaphors etc… This could be based on the template that “SH managed contests” use to ensure a consistent way of communicating with Creatives. It would also reinforce the fact that creatives can’t see each other’s entries so we don’t always have much to go by. CHs wouldn’t have to waste time on figuring out what they should write or share with Creatives in order to get the best result. Most comments CHs currently provide aren’t always that useful. They are often too general in nature to lead to any real improvement in the quality of submissions.


@grant Is this something that could be considered? A test run perhaps?



Thanks for the feedback.

The CHs do like the ability to remove entries from their view if they are certain they are not a good fit. The No Thank you option allows them to accomplish that. It also provides a feedback loop to the creatives that their submitted entry did not work for the CH.

The No Thank You ratings do not impact the Percentile Score any more than unrated entries.

For example if you submit 10 entries to a contest and receive 1 Love It Rating, and 9 No Thank You rating, it will have the same effect on your Percentile score as the scenario where you received 1 Love It Rating and the other 9 ratings were not rated at all by the CH.


I’m not sure if I’m the only one here with this issue but this makes entirely no sense whatsoever. Many of us have seen elements that can make this contrary to our experiences. I’ve seen score changes because a slew of orange. I realize you say that it’s because it’s a comparative figure to fellow entrants to the same contests but I’ve even seen the changes when only participating in one contest for a couple weeks time and many others getting all NTY ratings to and there maybe being a dozen likes and no loves. So how did percentile change in that case? Why did it change? Why is this algorithm so hard for us to understand that a majority of us all believe the same thing and yet come to find out we’re wrong in how we understand it, apparently? Can you please explain this more clearly and concisely in a different way than all the current documentation available does? Maybe then, most of us could understand better.


I agree …something doesn’t add up. I am only allowed to give 5 entries per contest now. I don’t flood the CH with entries like some creatives. Most of the time I only submit 3 and move on. Once in a while I really find a fun contest and want to enter more, but no longer can because of the no thank yous. Maybe there’s a glitch? Not sure…


This article provides some examples that might be helpful in explaining how the Percentile score can change:

Here’s a specific example that might offer some additional context:

Creative A submits 40 names across 10 contests, and receives 5 High Ratings and 35 NTY
Creative B submits 40 names across the same 10 contests and receives 5 High Ratings, and no other ratings.

In both these cases, we ignore the NTY, and look at the high ratings in comparison to the total entries submitted. Therefore, in both cases, they effectively have the same high rated % (5/40 = 12.5%). Therefore, if they only participated in just these two contests, they will arrive at the same percentile score ranking. We believe this is a fair method of calculating Percentile Rank because many CHs rate more entries in the beginning of contest, compared to end of contest and we do not want early submissions to be penalized in any way.

There are several other nuances, such as Love It ratings receive a better weight than the Like It ratings. We do not disclose the exact scoring algorithm but the above is a broad explanation of how it works.

In summary, No Thank you Ratings are treated the same way as Unrated entries.


I have stopped participating in competitions because something is wrong with the algorithm. I’ve been around long enough to see that things aren’t adding up lately. I’ll submit a few entries here and there and the Insight recommendations from SH and my percentage in plummeting. It just makes no sense. I don’t see how a handful on entries can make a percentage drop from 90-75 percent? At what point do i lose TierA status at this rate it feels too risky to participate in contests.


A million times Yes. I think that only domain sales
might not help me now . Unfortunately, all the support tips don’t work well. But we are all creatives - really creative people. And we want to continue taking part in contests without losses. If so many successful creatives complain maybe it’s time to rethink the percentile algorithm?


I have to say that I have experienced what the creative’s above have stated. I too have seen my ratings plunge from 85% to 74% (in a short time and still dropping every time I participate) after entering only a few submissions in few contests. I have lost my Tier A and feel I’m swimming up stream trying to catch up again with only a handful of contests I can participate in. This has also caused me, a lot of stress. Meanwhile I feel I’ve done well with domains - I’ve sold more than a handful in a short time. I don’t want to just stick with that but I’m leaning in that direction. Then there’s the stress of keeping my Points up to pay my renewal fees as my points are dropping fast with each added domain.


I’m beginning to wonder if something is off-kilter too? :thinking: - I’ve been here for 6.5 years, and lately my Percentage has dropped from 97% to 87%, and I’m not quite sure why?

Ummm, could someone check to make sure the No Thank-You button isn’t next to the “Love It” button? - Perhaps the Clients are mistaking one for the other. :wink:


Same here. Mine was at 89 and now down to 82. I haven’t done anything different.


I’ve seen other creatives complaining exactly about the same thing not so long ago…but, back then, they were shown links… :hugs:


95% to 89.8%.
After a whole year keeping it between 94-95%.
Haven’t been doing anything different,
same amount of good and bad grades as usual. :woman_shrugging:


Hi @larimar
My percentile is 95% BUT I’m only allowed 5 entries… used to have 40 :thinking:
I get 2 messages: You are only allowed to submit a maximum of 5 entries in naming contests


Keep up the good work! You are one of the top rated contestants on Squadhelp!

I BB’ed several times for weeks now.- the engineering team is looking into it but, in the meantime, I’m left with 5 chances.

I’ve tried to reach Grant in here but haven’t been lucky :slightly_smiling_face:


I know a few creatives who, for that exact same reason and after complaining about it several times, have almost given up. Percentilles dropping for no aparent logical reason…it’s way too much.


Hang in there @Isabel_Pizarro, I’m sure the team will solve this problem. It’s something temporary and you’ll get your well deserved 40 entries freedom back.

It is pretty demanding to maintain a high percentile score, I have been here for a year and a half, started with 94% and kept it there for at least 14 months (while being here every single day and participating in almost every contest), but then the plummeting started. Before, I knew exactly what will happen to my percentile score, day to day, almost to the tenth (based on my grades, compared to the overall work of the Squad). But now, it just seems to go down and all this last year’s hard work is disappearing faster than a toupee in a hurricane. I was even thinking that this could be a 2 Year Itch/Glitch (‘maybe some new, harsher rules apply after the Freshman year bliss’) but then saw you guys talking about the same thing.


40 entries - a poet’s dream!
Here I discovered that I could not submit even two premium domains in the contest, although I have hundreds domains in my arsenal and there will always be a couple that satisfy the CH brief. In addition, when deleting entries, the restore button no longer works now. Domains that are not visible on the SH market can only be submitted in contests. But how to offer them if your hands are tied? Anyone with a percentile of less than 60% is simply doomed to fail. I hope the SH team listens to what is being said here.Namely, the percentile algorithm needs to be revised to suit both creatives and domainers.