I want to share my logo contest experience with fellow creatives


Dear Fellow Creatives,
I have been wanting to share with you the experience I had a couple of weeks ago running a logo contest. My husband and I are nonprofit consultants. We did a re-brand of our company (not the name, just the look) because we are celebrating 20 years in business and we want to attract new types of clients.

The contest went so fantastically that it literally made me cry. It was CRUCIAL to us to get our new image right. We knew what we wanted going in, too. I wrote a brief that was way too long and messaged creatives almost every day.

The part I wanted to share with you is about how it FEELS to be on the CH side of the computer. It is incredibly exciting. Our future depends on getting it right. It was VERY emotional for us. We wanted to connect with the creatives so they understood how important it was to us. That is how CHs feel about their contests.

My husband/business partner, who knows I am a Squadhelper, was SHOCKED at the quality of the submissions. He worked with a branding agency once that ended up giving his org a name that the board of directors came up with on their own, and a logo that was so fundamental it was laughable - all for the small small price of $17,000. No, not kidding. (It was a board decision to go with that branding firm…ugh, welcome to the nonprofit world).

Anyway, several logonistas kept coming back. They worked so hard for us. It was so hard to choose!!! But most of all, the entire process rejuvenated us. It was SO important to us. I created a new web site, too. Our logo is PERFECT!! Thanks to @Inno who was so awesome.

So, in case you didn’t see our logo on the winner board, here it is. We’re so proud of it. It is everything we are. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings with our new image. Not some stuffy consulting firm!!! Not some know-it-alls! People who love people and help people who help people!!!

Thanks for reading and thanks to any of the logonistas who actually read the forum and participated in our contest. We are so grateful.



Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Love the logo :grinning:


Clink…the link is awesome!!! So vibrant. I love it!
Kuddos to @Inno


Thanks for sharing! I love the logo - its really vibrant!


Congrats hon and yeah our logo people are underrated. I checked some feature ones and I was super super impressed. Squadhelp has a branding department as well I think. I would LOVE to get in on that! I love when a client is supper happy with us. The logo is bright and positive. Best wishes, Slogana PS now I know where your name came from. PSS, saved the hubby some serious dough, he aught to bring home flowers.


Edited to add…GREAT JOB @Inno!!!


Awesome logo @Commulinks (nice job!! @Inno)

I never get around to the logo design contests coz of lack of time :frowning: Sad I missed this one! Anyhow would like to add one tiny feedback that imho the logo might look more impactful if the text is in black or closer to it like blackened blue, darkest spruce, etc. Totally love the icon though!!

Happy double decade anniversary to both of you and your team!!! :fireworks::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for sharing. It is so nice to hear from the ch point of view which we do not get! The logo is perfect!


Thanks for sharing your experience and your amazing new Logo !!! It is great. Congrats to Inno. It is funny because when I saw the logo on the winner page I was thinking that you might be unhappy that someone used your name in a logo…hahaha…not realizing that it was for you :joy:. Congratulations on 20 years as well. :grinning::bouquet::grinning:


@Commulinks That’s an absolutely stunning logo. I love the colours and linkage. I actually saw your contest and followed your messaging to the creatives. You were one cool CH! And look what you got in return. Congratulations! @Inno, a superb job. Keep it up!


@Commulinks Love your logo and your Commulinks website! Congratulations!


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments! I love that the word vibrant is the most used word for it because that is exactly what we wanted. We are hands-on, helping hands for those who help others so that is why the hands theme. Our name started with how our business started - I did community relations and communications at first (plus grant writing). We morphed, but we didn’t want to change our name because people know us by this name. And when I came to SH, I thought I had better use that name for business purposes (accounting, etc.)

@Soni thank you! I looked at other logo contests and realized that they are not anywhere near as interactive as the naming contests. I think my “too much talking” was a surprise to many. But you are right, what we got in return was so great. @ChristyMay LOLOLOL! I wondered if anyone would notice! @Slogana I really really wanted to learn to use Adobe Illustrator. I tried and tried and tried. I could not “get it”… even though I taught myself to use Quark years ago (and that was HARD!) I really wish I could do graphic design. I would definitely need to go to school for it.

I do want to say, as diplomatically as possible, that following the brief and the updates is really important. I know that sounds obvious… but it isn’t so obvious after all. The companies that come here are not cookie-cutter. Their founders are passionate about what they do. They often have a picture in their minds… and a whole lot of faith is put into your “Hands”. Pretend like your life depends on your creation… and you will know what I mean.

Thanks again, all you lovely people. I love SH so MUCH.


Hi Everyone! I’m new here and was nervous about the approval process. I’m so glad I was approved to be part of this awesome and creative community. I haven’t been active in the forum yet, but as I was looking through some of the posts I came across this one. I just had to comment. I think it’s so wonderful @Commulinks that you got to experience this platform from the CH perspective. I’m SUPER happy for and your husband getting exactly what you wanted! It’s a beautiful logo. Great work @Inno and congratulations. Thank you for sharing your story, it was really touching and sincere. I hope as a creative I can provide CH’s an emotional and satisfying experience like you had. Absolutely amazing and really made me feel proud to do this type of work and especially here with all of you! :heartpulse:


I rarely comment on the forum, but I wanted to say it was a real pleasure participating in your contest. I am not an expert, I just started in Logo Design and I am glad I didn’t skip your contest. I was very curious what the winner logo will look like, and when I saw it…I was like Wow! It looks amazing! Congratulations to you and to the contest winner. And even though I don’t personally know you, I knew you would be a great CH from the moment I entered, from the way you communicate here and how nice you are. You have a beautiful soul. Kudos.


@Commulinks I thought I saw your Logo with your name on it! Thank you for sharing your incredible experience. Your Logo is awesome! Kudos to @Inno.


Such a wonderful story. Thank you Clinks for sharing that with all of us. Huge kudos to @Inno for your winning creation. Which I LOVE, btw. Interlocking colors and the interlocking hand sends a nice positive and fun imagery! Great feeling seeing the name + logo. Well Done!


Congratulations on endeavors into logo design. I’m interested in learning graphic designs as well . I’m not looking to go to school for it. I like to expand my knowledge and skills through research and hands-on. I’ve been playing around with it and finding some pretty good learning resources. I was just wondering if you’re also learning as I am or if you’re taking courses? And how long before you felt ready to design for others? I’d like to start putting a portfolio together but I’m not sure on how to present it yet, like the formats to use and what all needs to be presented for each logo. Any tips?


@Dbedio, thank you!

I don’t go to school, I used online resources, some of them require a monthly paid subscription, but Youtube is a great free resource, as well.

“And how long before you felt ready to design for others”

After I finished the courses (after several months, depending on your personal time), I started to see how some logos are created through Youtube (the process behind them), and I started to practice on my own. Doing some logos for others…etc. And started to participate in contests.

And all this work can be put into a portfolio.

Basically, you learn as you practice. Study how professional logos look like, see what wins, look into expert portfolios, and you will start to gain that feeling on what looks good and not.

Everything is learnt, even the esthetic concept. In time, the esthetic sense will grow up into you.

My advice is to start learning graphic design first of all (the whole concept, principles, history, typography,etc), not just logo design.

Of course, everything is subjective regarding how the logo looks, but knowing some theory and the principles of design is an important thing.

Look into self taught graphic designers, see what books they recommend, what their journey was like.

The internet is full of everything you desire.

“but I’m not sure on how to present it yet, like the formats to use and what all needs to be presented for each logo”

Are you asking this for a job interview?

Because you can simply present your work …your own way, there are no rules, I guess. I haven’t presented my work to an employer yet, but as far as I know, you can present it in any format you like, on the tablet, or you can just print it, in a binder/presentation case.

Look into graphic designers that present their portfolios on youtube and what advice they give based on their experience, but as I said, its your own choice how you can present your work. Also, some graphic design teachers talk about this aspect in some courses.

There are also sites where you can expose your work, (I am not sure I am allowed to name them here, but google is your friend. )And you can share your portfolio through those resources, with your profile link.

These aspects are not that important, the how or the formats, its just the quality of your work that matters, and your experience.

Hope my response was helpful, wishing you best of luck!


Thank you so much! That’s extremely helpful advice. I’ve only just started so I still have much to learn, but I’m loving it as a creative outlet so far. When you started submitting to logo contests here did you have to be approved from SH first or were you able to just submit entries?


The most commonly used program for Logo Design is Adobe Illustrator CS3. It is important to keep in mind that all assets used must be free of any copyright or Trademark issues. Although you can initially upload the logo submission to the contest in a jpg or png format, if you win a contest, you would need to provide the original source files in Adobe Illustrator format, as well as a vector format